Ranking the Metal Gear Solid Games From The Original To The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid series has served as one of the most unique entities in the gaming world since it began back in 1998.

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aaronaton949d ago

1. MGS3 - Everything aspect was refined (characters and 1st person aim for instance)
2. MGS2 - Amazing visuals and gameplay (everyone remembers that E3 trailer...GOAT)
3. MGS1 - Pioneering stealth gameplay and unique boss battles (breaking the 4th wall with Mantis etc)
4. MGS4 - Proper MGO, unique experience from the likes of COD etc (MGS3 MGO paved the way for MGO2)
5. MGS5 - Great replay-ability due to the sandbox based gameplay (hospital opening chapter is another GOAT contender) MGO3 lacked what made it great in MGS4, far too casual.

Can't comment on Peace Walker as i never played it, but i can imagine it fits in the top 3 in people's opinion.

Steven87i949d ago

I agree with you MGS3 is the best i love the camoflauge system so cool

umair_s51949d ago

There was a no wrong answer... they're all great. For me

I think ground zeroes was excellent. Phantom pain story was blah

Gaming101949d ago

It's difficult to judge because story is such a major factor in MGS games.
Let's just assume gameplay evolved and graphics got progressively better with each game, as we can all agree.

Story wise MGS1 was the most heavily influenced by Tom Clancy novels, as Kojima was reading a lot of those at the time, and it became the most classic story that made the most sense. It was also the most American story, being heavily influenced by American novels.

MGS 3 gets second place only because the motivations of a few key characters made absolutely no sense.

The rest are nonsensical Japanese anime levels of ridiculousness. They made zero sense, although I do see what greater themes Kojima was trying to convey that were more meta than just the plot.

Asuka949d ago

This is pretty much my take on the series as well

Imalwaysright949d ago

MGS3 still is the best game I ever played.

TheSinsibleOne949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

For me.
1. MGS 4
2. MSG 3
3. MGS 1
4. MGS 2
5. MGS 5
6. MGS Peace Walker

jambola949d ago

For me
peace walker

jambola949d ago

I just couldn't enjoy it as much
mostly the stealth was slowed down to a ridiculous level where you couldn't sneak up no matter how slow unless you were usuign the d-pad

theshredded949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I'd rank em as 3, 5, 4, 1, 2, PW . I'd also want to mention that I started sometime in 2006 with MGS3 first so the graphics surely had a factor.

MWH949d ago

Each had its pros and cons but in the end nothing beats the first.

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The story is too old to be commented.