The Truth About Working at GameStop: Workers Reveal Their Experiences

IGN spoke to multiple GameStop workers about their experiences with the turbulent retailer. Here's what they told us.

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prankster10146d ago

Can we have another article for GAME and CEX?

Maybe interview the person behind this tweet as well?

yomfweeee46d ago

I'm sure I'll get down voted for this. But why do people act so helpless? If you think you were fired for reporting sexual harassment, get a lawyer. No one could have forced her to sign documents that she couldn't read.

Then her complaint about being homeless is stupid... it was a temp job that she was released from only a week early. She should have had a backup plan.

darkside412546d ago

The game stops in my knowledge are ran by people without video game knowledge and rude assholes i hope gamestop goes under and the employees to the food stamp line i only buy amazon now

Fist4achin46d ago

That's rough man! Shouldn't wish for people to fall like that. If they are rude assholes, then don't shop there.

phoenixwing46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

gamestop is a corporation like any other. there's both good and bad. the only reason gamers hate gamestop is because they don't like being short changed on their video games when they trade in. The only real problem with that is gamestop is a business and of course they have to short change you or else their profit margins don't work when they go to resell it.

For anyone who hates gamestop prices go and use ebay. You'll have to wait for shipping though or pay for shipping.

yomfweeee46d ago

It goes way beyond low trade-in values. Them opening up games and then selling them as new is one of the stupid things they do. Trying to sell used games for only a $5 discount is bogus. When new consoles come out and are in limited supply, they force people to buy bundles with several games.

Traecy46d ago

I agree. They shouldn't do that,once it's open it should be listed as used.

forevercloud300045d ago

1. They open ONE game out of dozens of copies for a title so they can display it on the wall. It's as simple as don't be the last person picking up the game, preorder it so they save you a sealed copy, or idk... don't buy the opened copy. No one is forcing you to do that. If you don't want an open copy just pretend it's the same as them being out.

Removing the plastic off a game is what is considered shop worn at best.

The $5 difference in pre-owned...yea, that's crap value difference. No dispute there.

The forced bundling is something every big retailer does once the initial supply runs low. Do you know what the profit margins are on a new console? Close to nothing. Retail only sells the consoles to have the chance of making a real profit on the games and accessories. So yea....if you want something that is in low stock like PS5, they might force a controller or game with it. Should they realistically allow someone wanting the console( of which they make nothing) buy it but then shirk them in game sales with their competition (who r sold out of console but can sell games for less due to subsidizing)?

People should really research the pains retail goes through to make their side of the video game industry profitable. It's not easy, and hasn't been for a while. GameStop gets demonized for not being able to fire sale games like Amazon and selling them at MSRP. They as a specialty retailer cannot subsidize the cost of games with sales of other overpriced items, at least not on Walmart or Amazon's level.

Atom66645d ago

It's still large scale retailer that specializes in a certain product, yet is consistently the most expensive seller of that product. That's already going to hurt them.

Then you look at the consumer experience as a whole. That includes the constant upsells, the unjustified used game prices, yes, the poor "trade" values, the push for constant preorders, the focus on high-margin "geek" merchandise, opened games sold as new, poor "retro" quality control, the push for tech trades, power up cards, and "sales" easily eclipsed by other outlets, often within minutes of the GS location or online.

The reasons for these things may all make perfect sense, and they are all independently justified on a corporate level.

But when I know that this is the situation facing me as a consumer, I just don't want to shop there. Unfortunately for them, I am not alone.

Traecy46d ago

I don't mind shopping at GameStop but their trade in prices are unfair & selling new games that have been open for retail price.