THQ bringing Saints Row to PS3

Well good news for PS3 fans, it's official; Saints Row will be coming to the PS3 and not without its fair share of improvements from what MyGEN have heard. Saints Row will also be the first open world online game to hit the PS3.

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SuperSaiyan45719d ago

Article says nothing about any 'improvements' just like the 'improvemens' to all the other PS3 ports from the 360 which look horrible on the PS3...Fight Night Round 3 and Ridge Racer 7 anyone?

R34GTR5719d ago

Ridge Racer 7 had improved physics and the addition of slipstreaming and I think the car customizations thing was new as well. Either way Ridge Racer is just a weak game. And FNR3 is controversal i have heard plenty specualtion thats said the PS3 character models are better. Maybe this is why FNR3 for PS3 and the Trailer from Assassing Creed where both nominated for a graphical achievement award. Im sure people remember that article that was on Gamespot a while back. You should of ran with COD3 & Tony Hawk Project 8. those ports sucked.

andy capps5719d ago

Not surprising. This has been a rumor for a long time anyway. I'm tired of this type of game but I know a lot of Playstation fans will enjoy the GTA style gameplay. Anyway, maybe I'll check out the demo if they put one out.

shotty5719d ago

Enjoy..its a good game, atleast now tallegale nights can be taken out of the system ;)

PS360PCROCKS5719d ago

why thq? This is the stupidest decision they could have done. If they think this is going to sell at all their not very intelligent. GTA is out in October, that's 9 months away, why would anyone buy this game if GTA is out so soon?

Arkham5719d ago (Edited 5719d ago )

Probably because one could finish, replay, and get everything they want out of that game within 9 freakin' months' time. It's not that great of a game.

Jrocks_4_ever5719d ago

Another game coming to ps3 from x360 and I dont see any ps3 fans saying that this is a needed game for playstation. Now if this was the other way around...........i think you guys get the

It looks like the tides are turning....but of course x360 fans will ignore that side of the story..........

andy capps5719d ago

More games is always a plus and I'm pretty sure the game will sell well on PS3, but it's just not my type of game anymore. I've just grown tired of GTA style games, and I won't be buying the next GTA either. Now, if/when news comes out about some games for 360 that I'm actually interested in like Mass Effect and Bioshock (this one is already rumored to be PS3 bound), then I'll be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.