Move Over Bayonetta, It's Time for Vanquish to Get Some Love

Andrew writes: "In celebration of the Bayonetta and Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle it is time to look at why Vanquish is more than deserving of a sequel already."

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FallenAngel1984443d ago

Not like Vanquish is gonna get a sequel

Einhander1971442d ago

Vanquish should get a sequel, such an amazing game. But I wouldn’t expect anything else from this industry. Play it safe with all the same generic rubbish.

jambola442d ago

so you're saying it's a bad thing it never got a sequel
but also chastise "playing it safe" ?

VTKC442d ago

its all about (D)eceivingly (L)ater (C)ontent, micrtransactions, season passes and battle passes. it will get rarer with games that are complete as time goes on.

SamPao442d ago

I hear that a lot but singleplayer games show time and time again that they can survive without a problem. Look at Sonys output. Not saying what you say is not true in some way, just that we still get great and complete games :)

Blu3_Berry442d ago

I loved Vanquish, and it's one the very unique shooters I played. I would love to get a sequel but I don't know how popular the game is.