Valkyria Chronicles Audio Impressions and Exclusive Liner Notes From Hitoshi Sakimoto

Valkyria Chronicles was released this month, and many have been talking about the soundtrack composed by Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. To celebrate the release, Sakimoto has provides exclusive liner notes to his favorite tracks from the 2-disc soundtrack, as well as commentary on some fan-favorites, discussing the story behind each piece and the instruments used.

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TheColbertinator3625d ago

Buy this game,people.Its really good

hay3625d ago

I played the demo, it was OK. Decided to give it a chance and bought full game. Man I was surprised how actually GOOD this game is!
Cutscenes are like cool anime, graphic style has a lot of sweetness to see, story isn't awesome but it's immersive and fun.
Combat is a bit more fast paced than in most tactics, it's quite easy if you use some some strategy, are careful enough and use squad members efficiently. The last one is very rewarding. Keeping it short, the better player you are, the more rewarding the game is.

I'm not big fan of tactic games like FFT, if you don't like them, don't like them, your call, but this game is really good and should be tried, rent it, buy it, but don't throw it away judging by the demo. It's much better.