Is the Cost of Gaming Too Damn High

Are there situations where companies should be lowering game prices? When it comes to digital titles and other situations, yes.

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Fist4achin45d ago

I think it is right about where it should be. I kind of thought prices might go up a bit with the next generation.

I don't understand why digital games are priced as such.

Gridknac45d ago

The market is what sets the price. If people are not buying and overall spending in the gaming market drops, that is when you will see a change in pricing. Right now millions of people are buying in at the current price model. Also the standard asking price of $59.99 for a new title has not changed for 20 years. The profit margin gained through the digital sale has probably fended off a base price increase. That and companies have found other ways to draw revenue from a game through dlc and season passes. These companies will only ask for as much as the majority of players are willing to give. They will never cut prices based on a moral compass or for the good of gamers. Profits and sales are the only motivator.