Metro Exodus performing ‘great’ on Steam after year absence, claims publisher

4A Games’ shooter launched on Valve’s storefront in mid-February after 12 months as an Epic Games Store PC exclusive.

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TheRealTedCruz49d ago

At least they offered a 40% discount at launch. It's been out for a good bit.

RpgSama49d ago

That's the right way to do it, I'd you're going to release one year later, don't expect us to pay full price.

Sophisticated_Chap49d ago

I saw the discount, but I'm no longer hyped for the game. I will play it at some point, but I can wait another couple of years for a $10.00 or $15.00 sale. If that doesn't happen, then oh well....

TheRealTedCruz49d ago

I'm eventually getting it on PC, but I couldn't resist grabbing it for $20 during the great Redbox Purge of 2019 lol

Elwenil49d ago

I played it on Game Pass so no need to buy. Seemed a good way to play it without giving them a sale.

kernel49d ago

Not surprised, there isnt a ton of games like it.

Echo_49d ago

It's been a year already? Anyone who desperately wants to play would have bought it already. Just another storefront same hardware.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago

Nah. An actually functioning storefront with a lot of community features that help serve the players, and the game itself, better.

Echo_49d ago

Just another storefront.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago

Believe what you will. I have no issue with people using Epic. Just don't discount the legitimate issues that others have with it. You can regurgitate "just a storefront" as often as you'd like, there's legitimate issues people have with it all the same.

Echo_49d ago

For me, it's just another storefront. I don't care about anything else I just want to play the game.

Hungryalpaca49d ago

Yea it is just a store front. That’s all epic is. THATS THE PROBLEM.

LucasRuinedChildhood49d ago

There's nothing worse than someone who won't reconsider their opinion when presented with the facts. We can see that plenty of people are now purchasing the game on Steam and decided not to purchase it on the Epic Games Store. Some people share your opinion but clearly many others don't. It's not that hard to understand.

The EGS is ridiculously basic. Even something simple like achievements/trophies are still missing after 14 months - this feature has been present on Steam for over 10 years. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've downloaded some free games on the EGS and I don't feel like playing them because of how disconnected the storefront feels.

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tontontam049d ago

Nice move steam fanboys, the publishers are now convinced that taking the epic store deal is a great decision.

CaptainCook49d ago

The game was about $20 dollars on steam. Nothing the get excited about

SegaGamer49d ago

Not as many people care about this thing as you think. It is just a vocal minority that are complaining, and the complaints are dying down with each passing month. Nobody is complaining about Epic timed exclusives as much as they were a few months back.

Now that GOG has made their new launcher public, I don't even care anymore. Being able to sync all of my games from multiple launchers into one is exactly what I wanted.

DaReapa49d ago

"Nobody is complaining about Epic timed exclusives as much as they were a few months back."

That's mostly due in large part to the new 30-day policy Steam implemented prior to the release of RDR2.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Steam now has in place a rule that you can only release the game in Steam within a 30 day period of its launch on PC.
Now developers are stuck deciding whether that lump sum Epic keeps offering is worth then not being able to release on Steam.
In all honesty, every storefront should do this, being that EPIC is just trying to strong arm an otherwise open market.

And this is why the exclusive crap has died down a bit. Less big names are going to take the deal. It's detrimental to smaller devs too. Now it's up to Epic to throw even more cash at every exclusive deal.
What they need to do is take the money they're throwing at games and actually fund their own indie exclusives from the ground up. Or, you know, just make a new freaking ip themselves

Hungryalpaca49d ago

Um. The games only like $20 on steam....

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Why? There's now in place a demand that any game that wants on Steam needs to be listed on Steam within one month of the game hitting PC.
So, all this says is that it's dumb to take an Epic deal if you want to ever be on Steam. Every storefront should go this route. Including Epic themselves, so we don't see another company try to strongarm the market.

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