Hendrix DLC won't come to Guitar Hero on Wii

Those who prefer their Guitar Hero World Tour on the Wii may be able to listen to Jimi Hendrix, but they can't hear him, at least, not while they're playing.

M_Prime5424d ago

So now i can't even get 2 bad songs and 1 good one.. for the price of 3.. hell i can't even get the one thats good.. kinda sucks but i'll live..

but i wish they didn't use the word 'INTEGRITY" it makes me laugh

Damphear5424d ago

sad day when the hendrix estate pays the money to his greedy step sister and not hendrix blood brother.

all hendrix fans need to boycott janie hendrix


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Moncole4237d ago

This lt fails for not having Burt F*cken Reynolds from Saints Row the Third

Unless I am blind and didn't see him