DX11 Renderer released for Unreal & Deus Ex, supports POM, Hardware Tesselation & more

DSOGaming writes: "Old-school first-person shooter fans, here is something really special for you today. Modder ‘darknovismc’ has released a new version of the DirectX 11 renderer for some classic Unreal Engine games. This new renderer add some new graphical features, including support for hardware tessellation."

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TheRealTedCruz485d ago

I'm just finishing up Mankind Divided, after deciding to go through the reboot titles.
Gives me a reason to replay the original now lol

Axonometri484d ago

I would like to go through this once more with a good raytracing build.

XxINFERNUSxX484d ago

I still have my original Unreal CD :D Would love to see the whole game done over in UE4 though.