Blizzard's Q4 Financials Show That The Blitzchung Controversy Probably Had No Effect

When I wrote about the top free-to-play gaming news stories of 2019, I put the Hearthstone Blitzchung controversy at #1. In doing so, however, I suspected that “I don’t think this will really have an effect, not on Blizzard or the rest of the gaming industry.”…

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Lionsguard1131d ago

The truth is that no one really cares. They'll puff up a storm on comment sections but right aftewards, they probably bought a few Hearthstone packs and renewed the WoW sub for another year while buying that new $25 flying mount.

Smokehouse1131d ago

Of course not lol. I personally won’t buy a blizzard game until they support Hong Kong verbally. It’s one person but hey I do my part. They were scum to take that man’s fair winnings at China’s bidding. This is long forgotten in the average person’s attention span but I won’t forget.

neutralgamer19921131d ago

It's the vocal minority who are hypocrites. On one hand they will act mad and want their voices to be heard and on the other they will still buy the games from that company

Why you think games like COD, a, madden and fifa sell the most. Gamers refuse to speak with their wallets and that's why we have micro transactions in single player games. First it was online passes, season passes than just cosmetics. We as gamers buy games day one so if we decide to actually boycott a game it would make a huge difference. Most games or entertainment in general make their money in initial launch window

Palitera1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

You saying that gamers could get together and really boycott something is as realistic as proposing that all gamers unite to make a game better than these and give it for free.

annoyedgamer1130d ago

Im sure alof of former gamers went into game design then found out their favorite game deveoper, EA, Ubisoft, etc wasn't hiring.

If they knew how to pool money all those unemployed young men could make the game on their own but they were brainwashed by academia to think getting hired by the big corporations = success.

Palitera1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

That's not a rule at all. To be honest, the worst part of game design courses is not focusing enough on market.
Also it really depends on the person. Some people don't want to be employees, some others don't want a big company.
Finally... Not even CoD developers can make a top tier CoD anymore. How would amateurs do that?

yomfweeee1130d ago

Let me preface by saying I'm not saying this did or did not have an effect, but this article literally makes no sense in their analysis. The financials dropped. Their argument is "well it dropped in previous quarters as well". Which is true, but that isn't proof of anything. You can't rule out what affect this controversy had.