Why Bayonetta and Vanquish Prove PlatinumGames Are the Best at Action Games

When PlatinumGames first appeared in 2009, gamers didn’t know what to expect, but gamers knew to expect something wild. Over 10 years out, that legacy continues to live on, as PlatinumGames has become one of the foundations of modern takes on quirky action games, with titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish, NieR: Automata and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance standing out amongst their library of titles for being unapologetically frenzied and challenging.

Building on many of the staff’s history with games such as Okami and Devil May Cry, it’s easy to see where the pedigree comes from, and for a time, PlatinumGames were the only people on the block willing to dip their toes into the single-player action adventure. While PlatinumGames has continually pushed the envelope and explored newer takes on action games, Bayonetta and Vanquish remain memorable as two of their first major forays into the game market.

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TheOptimist608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

Capcom proved otherwise with DMC5, but OK.

Not dissing on Platinum, but DMC and Ninja Gaiden have been on top of this genre for over a decade.

I also don't get Platinum's obsession with bullet time. It's cool for the first couple of games, but the trick has gotten old.

Tbh I still think Nier: Automata is better than DMC5 overall, but that's partially because of Yoko Taro's brilliance.

AK91608d ago

Crunchyroll wrote this? I mean they aren’t wrong but still wtf?