If Devil May Cry 3 Hadn't Been a Huge Success, Its Development Team Would Have All Quit

On February 17, Devil May Cry 3 turned 15 years old. It's a milestone anniversary for DMC3, which was the series' last outing on the PlayStation 2 and is still widely hailed as Dante's best adventure yet. While Hideki Kamiya, now of PlatinumGames, created Devil May Cry and gave a strong foundation for its slick action, DMC3 was the first title that director Hideaki Itsuno supervised start-to-finish. Ultimately, the clarity of his team's vision practically redefined the series.

The big anniversary isn't the only reason why it's worth looking back on DMC3 now. After several years of near-silence, fans have been in something of a Devil May Cry renaissance of late: Capcom's releasing a revamped version of DMC3's Special Edition for the Nintendo Switch later this week, and last year's debut of DMC5 saw Capcom and Itsuno breathe new life into the mainline series.

Capcom's Matt Walker, producer on both DMC5 and DMC3: Special Edition for the Switch, graciously answered some questions about DMC3's legacy, the Switch port's new co-op and combat switching features, and what Devil May Cry fans should keep an eye out for in the future.

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gangsta_red48d ago

One of the best in the series. I still praise this game as I had the most fun playing this entry than all the rest.

Godmars29047d ago

Bit odd big talk years later after the fact.

PhoenixUp47d ago

Why would they say this when the game would be released? What good would that do?

Info like this always comes years after release

FanboysKiller47d ago

It's a Capcom game ,don't underestimate them.

jeremyj291347d ago

I'm just glad they are rebounding from that "Westernization" bs. That was hard to go through.

Shiken47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Well I am glad it was a hit then. I love all 5 of the mainline DMC games to death!

(save for maybe 2...)

Shiken47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

2 was the first one I played right when it came out, loved it and have fond memories.

It was not till I played 1 and later 3 till I realized how shit it was lol.

jeremyj291347d ago

I'll always have a little love for 2 because that is my favorite costume for Dante, and you can see the makings of what DMC3 made into styles.

AK9147d ago

Yeah I’m amazed the same development team that made the abomination that made 2 were somehow able to make a genre defining game like DMC3.

jeremyj291347d ago

Big switches happened during mid development. Same thing happened with 4 and was why it was pretty much half a game.