Maybe Microsoft's Xbox Chief Didn't Say the Stupidest Thing About Cloud Gaming

In a quote in Politico’s new technology-focused publication, Protocol, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said something seemingly earth-shattering for any gamer: It isn’t Nintendo or Sony that Microsoft views as primary competitors in the gaming space, but Amazon and Google.

That sounds deeply stupid. Google’s Stadia has basically been a flop, and Amazon hasn’t even launched a gaming console or service (no, the Amazon Fire does not count). But the cloud gaming race is a little more complex than it seems at first glance.

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Jin_Sakai43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I’ll be so happy when this cloud gaming craze ends. It’s literally a nightmare for us hardcore games should companies move in that direction.

IRetrouk43d ago

It's the constant articles pushing it as a replacement to consoles or the future that's doing my head in.
I dont think it will ever become the main way we game, but as a companion thing? It's not bad to be fair, I just hope we can trust these companies enough not to force it on us.

bluefox75542d ago

Why would we trust them? Of course they want to force it on us, and so-called journalists are complicit in this push.

SegaGamer42d ago

I agree. I don't know how many articles I have seen saying it's the future of gaming. Every single time I roll my eyes and say "PART of the future of gaming, not THE future"

kneon42d ago

It could very well become the primary way we game, but it's a long road to get there. I'm not worried about it happening any time soon.

fiveby942d ago

You could make the case Phil is right. Sony nor Nintendo are XBox competition. XBox has been losing that market for years now. The streaming games on mobile phones market is potentially large but maybe not big spenders. I imagine the Candy Crush crowd is full of small time spenders and the occasional whale. Those people who consider themselves longtime gamers are not the focus of Xbox. I have at best only minimal interest in streaming my games. If streaming is a flop or very slow adoption rate, it'll be bad news for Xbox.

Unspoken42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Constant opinion articles... dumb article.

iQuasar41d ago

Perfectly said about it being a companion thing. Did not see myself doing PS Now for $10/mo but here I am exploring different games on their roster.

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lifeisgamesok43d ago

This. We shouldn't support cloud gaming

mkis00742d ago


Cloud gaming means you stream games you never own through a subscription. Multiplayer and games as a service would mean less full games on release and more piece-meal episodic content. Getting you to remain subscribed rather than cancel when you beat something. This would inevitably lead to publishers moving away from the big releases we are used to and more towards the new big idea in revenue generation. A huge title that gives them $60 per person who buys it once...or a bunch of episodes and live content designed piece-meal at $10 a month over and over.

Building a barren game and then filling it with content or just making the best game possible.

shaggy230342d ago


Sony released PSNow quite a few years ago, did they suddenly stop releasing AAA amazing games and go all GaaS?

As long as streaming is an option for a console, then I'm for it. The moment it's all a console offers ie Google Stafis, then it's the time to walk away.

chefricco42d ago

None of this works like you just described.

Unspoken42d ago

Kind of like music streaming, or movie streaming, cable TV, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+? Everytime I here these excuses I wonder why people even subscribe to anything, the gym, golf courses, marinas, cell phone don't own any of these so maybe those models shouldn't exist.

rainslacker42d ago

There's nothing wrong with it being around. The contention seems to be that it's being pushed as the future, and we just have to accept that one day, this is how we'll have to play our games if we want the latest and greatest.

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darthv7242d ago

I seem to recall the same sort of wishes when it was all about digital distribution (that its a fad and nobody will support digital gaming). And here we are... several years later and digital consumption is up in comparison to its physical counterparts (of course that may have something to do with companies scaling back physical releases). So who is to say that streaming wont eventually go the same way?

Years ago, i scoffed at the idea of streaming movies and tv shows (and before that, music) and now I do. I have been enjoying the xcloud beta and i know its not perfect. nothing ever is but it is improving. Just like the early days of streaming media had its problems but things do get better. Now the down side is having each big company get the bug up their butt that they too can make a streaming service. I dont look down on the idea of streaming, but I do regret it getting popular to entice others to break off and form their own. But its all about the $$.

Septic42d ago

"I seem to recall the same sort of wishes when it was all about digital distribution (that its a fad and nobody will support digital gaming"

Yup. And how stupid was that short sightedness in retrospect.

RazzerRedux42d ago

The fear that streaming will become the only option to play games. It is simply needless. A game publisher will take your money to play a game whether you download it locally or play it remotely from the cloud. They would probably prefer you download it yourself as it would be cheaper and save them cloud resource usage costs.

Cloud gaming could become a big deal, it could vanish into thin air, or it could come down somewhere in between. Regardless, local gaming that most enthusiast gamers thrive for isn't going anywhere.

In short: I ain't skared.

Lord_Belasco42d ago

It would suck so bad if you have to subscribe to each publishers streaming service.

lifeisgamesok42d ago

I don't think you can compare digital gaming to the affects of a cloud gaming future

gangsta_red42d ago

It's always funny to read the fear mongering from the net.

You're right, people seem to be afraid of change. Online gaming went through this where some was afraid that there would be no more single player games, digital games went through this where some where afraid that they wouldn't be able to own their games and publishers would be able to delete your game from your HDD, now the same is happening for streaming.

It's always funny to read how people will "quit" gaming when all this and the above examples happens and yet they're still gaming and will continue to game.

darthv7242d ago

@all above. no offense guys but we are becoming old hat. Just because the way we did things is going out of style doesnt mean its all doom and gloom. when Im dead, do you really think Im going to care how my grandkids are going to play games??? Im dead. Change is coming, it is what it is.

And yes 'life', I can compare digital gaming to cloud gaming because both are the same. No physical ownership and your games are reliant on other means of delivery that is not found at a walmart or gamestop or amazon. Digital distribution was the beginning of the cloud because 'the cloud' is just a friendly name for server and you get your digital games delivered to you by a server and the evolution of that delivery is now you can have your games streamed to you by said server so you dont have to download if you dont want to.

Convenience is a tough thing for people to ignore.

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

DD is still not where the majority of software sales come from though. At least not for consoles. The general arguments being made back then, and even now, was that the digital future was just over the next hill, or within the next 5-10 years. we are, more than 10 years later, and digital distribution still isn't the majority.

Same thing happened with CD's, and it took over 20 years for digital to overtake physical, and the margin is still only a few percent in favor of digital.

TV and movie streaming was adopted faster, and I don't know the percentages, but there is still enough interest in physical to keep releases coming on discs.

Streaming games is going much the same way. It will have a market for the future, but it won't completely replace traditional methods.

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AK9142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Agreed if that happens I honestly don't think I could ever enjoy a game ever again.

Kumakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It’s not going to. Everyone wants to ditch the hardware on the business side. It’s more cost effective and sustainable for everyone in n the industry side to get the cloud as a base. No more fragmentation of hardware and software, less r and d cost, no costly generation start ups.

I love hardware as much as the next guy and I love locally rendered as a priority but even I realize that w/ 5g rolling out and the cost savings on the development side for both hardware and software, cloud gaming is an inevitability. Gen 9 might just be the last 6-7 Year console.... for better or worse.

bluefox75542d ago

But google and MS know what's best for gamers dona ya know. Which is of course just happens to be what makes them more money.

gangsta_red42d ago

And yet Sony are the first to release their own to gamers before both Google and MS...$ony must love money just as much as MS and Google.

Donnie8142d ago

I don’t get that kinda thinking. You don’t want another option to play games? I doubt it will ever replace the traditional ways to game via console or pc but it could be a great option for gaming on the go or on a budget.

spicelicka42d ago

Think of it logically. It's never going to replace traditional non-streaming gaming, and if it ever does then it'll be at a point where streaming will be just as good as playing it off hardware. I don't ever see that happening. Most probably it'll be an option as part of a subscription based service, which doesn't affect traditional gaming.

gangsta_red42d ago

I agree, but at the rate tech is moving I can see it being a much better viable option in the future.

Who knows where we will be in the next 7 or 8 years after this next gen is done. We could potentially see streaming being the best option at that point in time.

Zeref42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

lol it's not a craze. It's the future, whether you like it or not. in 6-7 years or so more people will be streaming games rather than native consoles. I personally will be playing on consoles as long as it's around. But i know eventually it won't be and whenever that time comes streaming will probably be as good as consoles anyway.

I think we'll get at least 2 more generations of consoles before streaming becomes the main way of gaming. so 15 years or so

kryteris40d ago

Have you guys tried geforce now, that is the future of gaming hands down. inevitable. Imaging actually playing those tech demo's with a server cluster of 2080ti's it is possible and more. I've been playing Destiny 2 and the input latency is difficult to near impossible to detect.

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gangsta_red42d ago

"Spencer’s reasoning, according to Protocol, is that Amazon and Google are enormous in the server space—Amazon’s AWS and Google’s Cloud directly compete with Microsoft’s Azure. Those companies are positioned to be beasts in the gaming space currently dominated by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo."

This is what he meant off top, but people when nuts thinking that he was dismissing Sony and Nintendo all together. Just more reading what they want to read without actually understanding. It's the single player games don't sell situation all over again.

Automatic7942d ago

People need to start reading articles and stop skewing Phil's words. The article was clearly tailored towards Cloud services.

cbuc112542d ago

He says dumb crap like this so that he doesnt look bad when Sony outsells them. If you make a product in the same consumer space as another company that performs basically the same function, you are competitors. Plain and simple. His words are meaningless as usual.

42d ago
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