Warface on Nintendo Switch Resolution/FPS Revealed

Details on the resolution and FPS targets for Warface on Nintendo Switch have been provided, along with details on various console specific features.

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rdgneoz343d ago

"It is running a heavily customized version of CryEngine with a locked 720p 30fps while in TV mode and 540p 30fps while in handheld and tabletop modes."

Segata43d ago

Why are all these kinds of games with the most generic names ever?

instantstupor42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I think Warface is particularly egregious in its blandness. "War" in videogames is almost a non-word due to its over-usage. "Face" is a pretty bland, random word we even casually chuck into throwaway jokes like "Boaty McBoatFace". I mean, Warface is white noise levels of static.

Almost anything else of AggressiveWordBodyPart naming scheme could have sounded better, while still being a terrible name: GunArm. BulletFist. KnifeSpine. HostileEye. AssaultThigh. Ok, all as terrible as jokes as they are names, but they still all sound better than Warface. Wonder if they focus tested that at all before running with it.

Neonridr42d ago

540p.. now we're down to Vita resolutions here. I'd have to see it in handheld mode to see if the smaller screen helps reduce the appearance of the lower resolution. But 720p on my 4K OLED won't necessarily translate up very nicely.