What Happened To Couch Co-op Multiplayer Games (& Why They're Coming Back)

Not so long ago, nearly every bestseller had split-screen co-op multiplayer. Why did co-op games fall out of fashion, and how might they return?

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isarai43d ago

Publishers want their games to look super shiny all the time, split-screen was one of the first sacrifices towards that end.

P_Bomb42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I have a renewed appreciation for couch co-op since having kids. Shared and split screen. I’m an arcade kid myself, so it’s nice to watch it come full circle.

Man, games like Final Fight, Contra, Bad Dudes, Double Dragon, River City Ransom, TMNT, Golden Axe, Life Force, Aliens, Rampage! Not to mention sports games like Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo Baseball, Blades of Steel, NHLPA, NBA Jam, Smackdown, MLB, Super Spike V-ball. Ah. Memberberries!