Sony Says Wii is Just "Impulse Purchase"

Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesperson Dave Karraker says Wii should not be directly compared to PS3. Interviewed by The New York Times today he said, "Wii could be considered an impulse buy more than anything else."

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DC RID3R4903d ago



“Wii could be considered an impulse buy more than anything else.”

I wonder how that quote would sound contrasted to the ps3 platform??

“PS3 could be considered an impulsive buy more than anything else.”


marionz4902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

i totally agree the wii is a impulse buy! its fun for a bit, but gets dull real quick, i saw lots of parents getting them for their kids, and i bet even the kids are bored with their wii now! get a real console! get a 360!

nanometric4903d ago

i do consider it as an impulse or a "fad", after some time sales will drop

Silverwolf4903d ago

I take one for free if given to me. But other than that it doesn't get my attention at all.

Karebear4903d ago

You have a subpar system that is bargain priced for quick sales and your entire uniqueness is bet on your wireless controller. This is a dangerous formula to try and follow for the long run given that the life of a console generation is 4-5 years. There really is nothing unique about the Wii that the PS3 can't do already, or won't in the future.

Nintendo really was inovative with its controller interface, but that interface is EASILY copied by its comptetitors. Expect to see interactive controlls like this from both MS and Sony in the near future. The other problem Nintendo has is the Sony Eyetoy2. It will allow for full body interaction into games minus any controller at all. Once this is in place you now have the most immeserive, interactive input of any game system, plus cutting edge graphics.

Whats really left is a little outdated Wii system with the only thing that makes it distinctive as its price tag and multiple colors, which btw the PS3 is coming out in this year as well.

In the short term it was a brilliant move, but its not sustainable. Nintendo will have to come out with a Wii2 in two years just to keep up. Now this may be its plan all along, it would certainly alter the console market yet agian, but I somehow doubt they will do this.

borgome4903d ago

You retards obviously haven't played a Wii yet, its just plain addicting. A little bit jealous of the Wii's sales are we? Just another lame comment from Sony looking out from behind the dumpster they'll soon be calling home.

MikeGdaGod4903d ago

My buddy has a Wii and when he got it we played Wii Sports all weekend. But now its boring and we're waiting for more ps3 games.

borgome4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

Maybe if you did something else besides playing video games you wouldn't be bored of them so fast.

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Syko4903d ago

That's funny cause Nintendo is kickn' your 600$ Pos right out of the way cause you are taking up precious display space for the Wii's that aren't there.

They are right about the impulse buy though cause compared to 600 you can purchase a Wii next to the Snickers and Reese's. Damn you clever marketing!! I now have 5 Wii's cause every time I check out they are so cheap I can't help but buy one.

Sony game division you suck. Your console Sucks. Quit whining about your competition that you said wasn't even competition in the first place till they whipped your ass over the holiday, and left you in 3rd place for sales!

Fuzz McDeath4903d ago

...such a stinky cologne....

Tut4903d ago

I wouldn't call that remark an insult nor an act out of desparation. However, read the article below and that will help clarify what actions are needed to classify someone as "desperate".

P.S. You stink, too.

scriptkiddie4903d ago

Since the Wii has fun games that everyone enjoys playing and the PS3 doesn't have any good games yet, doesn't that make the PS3 an impulse buy. I mean what is the reason to buy a PS3 right now.

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