Vanquish's over-the-top action is back in completely remastered glory

Imagine a game pitch meeting where people come up with the most over-the-top ideas possible. Now, combine those. Vanquish is that game.

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Segata48d ago

Sadly the team that made it now work for Tango with the Evil Within series.

Segata48d ago

Played this on PC and PS3 but seeing it on my TV for the first time since PS3. I can never go back to how blurry it was on PS3, on PS4 the game looks so damn good!

Nicknasty48d ago

Camt wait to try it myself. Use to play it on PS3 and loved it. Was blurry though, im curious how its gonna play out on ps4 pro with my LG oled tv. One of the funnest action games back then!

Smellsforfree48d ago

I played through the first Act this weekend on the XBox 360 version. Really tempted to get this, because wow - it was super blurry last gen, like it looks <720p a lot of the time but manages to keep the frame rate up. At the same time, I already have this on 360 and Bayonetta on Switch so I'm doing everything I can to resist paying again just to have better graphics.

Segata47d ago

Frame rate is much better as well.

isarai48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Cant wait to pick up my copy this friday. Just got my first OLED and it is begging for vanquish.

Traecy48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Just picked up my combo copy.

AK9147d ago

I just need Madworld on Switch, Rising on PS4 (come on Konami) and Anarchy Reigns remastered on all platforms and I'm all set.