Is Nintendo Switch Online Good Value Compared to PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Gold?

How does Switch Online compare to its rivals?

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_SilverHawk_48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

No. Not even close. Nintendo online is worse than when it was actually free. Xbl and psn shouldn't cost money to be online at all but the games and discounts offered yearly are worth over a thousand dollars while Nintendo offers 40 year old games and some cloud saves. Some Nintendo fans will tell you that the old games offered on Nintendo online is worth the yearly price when all those old games are basically worthless.

2pacalypsenow48d ago

No, just like all nintendo 1st party games that stay full price years after release.

Nintendo is probably the worst value in gaming.

Cris7tiano48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

"Nintendo is probably the worst value in gaming"

RosweeSon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

They are the best value in gaming. My NES/SNES still works 25/30 years after launch not to mention their games still get voted the best games ever. Microsoft’s consoles were really bad for reliability it’s games these days are microtransaction riddled season pass split up for extra money yearly churned. I’ll take the expensive? £40 for a Nintendo game that can be played 20/25 years from now over £40 Per Yesr for fifa assassins Cod etc. They good value for gaming? Nintendo’s consoles may be technically inferior but the games are always spot on and apart from maybe wii u (although it was tech’d out) they charge a reasonable price for their consoles. £130 day 1 for GameCube. Pretty good value. Wii was £180 with a game pretty good value. Xbox 360 dying each year is not good value. Good great products hold their value when they are not yearly churned and actually have a quality that the majority of others just don’t. It’s facts look at the numbers. Attach rate is second to none and the reasonable unbiased reviews speak for themselves. Each to their own but I always got time for gaming gold Nintendo produces alongside my PS4 which has been another great value console barely dropped its price the entire gen. unlike XB1 which dropped Kinect then £100+ Lifespan wise Nintendo is 2nd to none.

Yes I’m a fanboy... of great games don’t care who’s making them and what platform they on if the games are good I’m in. I haven’t got time for yearly churns that are replaced the following year and consistently score 7-8 out of 10 each year over games from a company who has produced 9-10/10 games time and time again. Having played the great ones myself I know full well how good those games are so to suggest they not great value for money because they hold their value is ridiculous. Why do you think fifa etc are massively reduced Barely months after launch... because they 12 month countdown started the minute they launched so there’s always the next one on the way they can afford to drop the price when people lapping Up the same recycled game each year.
Lack of voice chat is piss poor but when I know a vast majority are waaay younger than me don’t want talk to them when I go online anyway. Not that I do often but it’s an option I pay for the back catalogue of games nes/SNES less than £15 a year barely just over £1 a month... i paid £40 for xbox live just to play online and get demos a week early for long enough... wasn’t charged for Dreamcast ps2/3 vita ds/3ds wii/wiiU
Had they all been charging £40 a year for 15 years I’m sure they would be as good as Xbox but they didn’t
Rant over just hate reading utter bull 💩 Nintendo aren’t good value because the games hold their value 😑 so basically when you come to sell them they actually worth money compared to trying to sell a 2 year old fifa you’ll be lucky to give it away.

2pacalypsenow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yeah I didn't even read that wall of text.

RosweeSon47d ago

2pacalyosenow. Was I meant to be bothered? Don’t read it give a poo. Like the good games you’ll miss out 😑😑

iplay1up248d ago

Seriously? People complaining about $20 for the entire year! LMAO! GIVE ME A BREAK!!😂😂

PhoenixUp48d ago

A trash service is a trash service no matter how cheap it is, even moreso when basic features are locked behind its mediocre paywall

Teflon0248d ago

PS3 and Vita online is completely free and both are MUCH BETTER online services. Especially Vita which is on par with current gen as a handheld and a console that released 5ish years later doesn't even have a msging system but you're suppose to pay to be online? It's not about the price. You're getting robbed paying for that trash

Shiken47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

No, people are not complaining about $20 for online. People are complaining about having to pay $20 when the service is still missing features that were available on the PS3 with free online. Things like messaging, web browsing, playing online, etc could all be done there for free but is missing on the Switch, even with having to pay (save for online play of course). At least the PS3 had most of their online games with native voice chat, while the Switch has nothing but a forgotten phone app outside of a few devs that build chat into the game (none of which are 1st party). And speaking of 1st party, have you tried Mario Maker 2 online? How are we paying for Peer to Peer online play in 2020?

I love my Switch and more often than not, I play it more than my PS4. But don't try to defend garbage online services. It only makes you and anyone else that likes Nintendo look like a shill. Be better than that, and call out what needs to be called out.

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The story is too old to be commented.