Celebrating 3 Years & 3 Million Sales of Nioh: Ninja Gaiden of Dark Souls

The 3 million sales on the 3rd anniversary is a great time to talk about Nioh. Not to mention the impending release of the sequel as well.

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Thundercat77524d ago

Nioh 2, I'm waiting for you.

TheOptimist523d ago

It wasn't underwhelming for me, but it felt like a missed opprtunity when the player was limited due to the grind.

Could have been one of the best character action games.

Movefasta1993523d ago

right when I finished the game and I tried the dlc, I was like 30 levels too low to tackle the dlc, and I gave up on trying to grind.

gangsta_red523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

Agreed, the enemies were bland and the same and the environments were lackluster.

But part 2 looks much, much better

AK91522d ago

My favourite Souls clone game.