This Week on Stadia: Play games on tens of millions of new phones

Stadia is about to play games on WAY more phones. Beginning February 20, you can play games on Stadia using a broad new selection of mobile devices. In addition to the Pixel family, Stadia will now support phones from Samsung, ASUS, and Razer.

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ccgr47d ago

I rarely play games on mobile

ilikestuff47d ago

I play gta San Andreas whenever I’m bored at work, phone gaming is good in right circumstances

TheEnigma31347d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Too late. They're trying to salvage what's left of this dumpster fire; poor pathetic execution. The Stadia brand is Charles Barkley "turrable".

PS4Gamer198447d ago

Just another sheep who hasn't even tried it yet and trying to be cool by going along with the crowd

TheEnigma31347d ago (Edited 47d ago )

nah you're a sheep that likes anti consumer practices and believed the google hype. I'm straight on it. Don't get salty because I'm smart enough to not fall for the okee doke and you wasted your money and trying to justify your purchase. You're watching your failed investment crash and burn right in front of your gullible eyes.

Traecy47d ago

No thanks. I rather play my AAA games on my console of choice on my 4k TV at home.

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The story is too old to be commented.