Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Kingdom Hearts III, Yakuza 0, and More

We’ve got Kingdom Hearts III and Yakuza 0, and we’re not done yet. Two Point Hospital is premiering with Xbox Game Pass on day one of availability for console. We’re still not done, because Wasteland Remastered is also available to play the same day as its launch. Plus, we still have more games to announce.

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spicelicka1086d ago

Wowww, I honestly can't keep up with Gamepass. I haven't had to buy a game in months.

DARK_WOLF1086d ago

Thats the point so when games you like or wanted to play leave you go buy them.

BadElf1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Used to be $10 or so to rent a game for a week. Now its the same price , for 3 months , and you have alot to choose from.
Play the game. Beat it. If you ever want to play it again, you may have to buy it down the line, sure

DARK_WOLF1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

No its not. I have game pass its a great rental service but you cant quote special sign up offers as the main price. Its $15 a month here in New Zealand. I upgraded for $1 and got my gold upgraded to ultimate. Add gold in there and xcloud once its released and itl probly be like $30 a month all up.

As great as gamepass is i hate subs. Thats $360 a year in online fees and i dont own anything at the end of it.

Il just keep buying my games and looking out for game sales thanks but more power to people who want more subs i guess.

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DJStotty1085d ago


You say you hate subs, but then claim you have gamepass ultimate and xbox live subscription. And then say you will keep buying your games.

Your not fooling anyone sunshine

DARK_WOLF1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

I upgraded my gold to ultimate for a dollar. Im not planning on continuing to pay for gamepass. Why would i give a shit to try fool any of you? Pft whatever people do what they like i still hate the world going towards subs for everything.

LordJamar1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

To each their own you say it could be 300 something a year but also don’t count how much money you also save I mean FF royal edition is 34.99$ right now it’s also on gamepass that I’m currently playing cause I never played the game.

Would have bought gears day 1 got it on game pass same with monster hunter world, Blair witch, bloodstained, dark siders 3, DMC4, Doom, MVCI, Phantom pain, metro exodus, a plague tale, POE, All wolfinstien games, the list goes on seriously man I have played and enjoyed so many games some of which I would have never tried without gamepass and save so much money to well buy other things maybe even more games? Maybe I support those games on gamepass with dlc purchases now.

But it’s all good ALL GOOD cause it’s just a option if you want to buy your games to own do it that’s great 😁

DARK_WOLF1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Yeah nice one LordJamar. Each to their own gamepass is great i agree but i do worry how it will influence the gaming world in the future. Glad alot of people enjoy it though its not for me i prefer buying games mostly on sale and playing them at my own pace when i want to and actually owning them. But the value is there for sure just not for me.

My backlog is so massive i struggle to keep up letalone try keep up with the rotation of gamepass.

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Killer73nova1085d ago

I haven't bought a game since gamepass started!

LOGICWINS1085d ago

Game Pass empowers gamers. $10 a month to demo the FULL version of games. If we want to keep, we simply buy it before it leaves the service at a discount.

DARK_WOLF1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Is that a good thing? Honestly people make games to sell for $$$. If you guys arent buying games how is that helping the gaming industry apart from lining Microsofts pockets and encouraging more subscriptions as the way to make money. Ugh

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autobotdan1086d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2!! Ninja Gaiden 2

TommyVercetti881086d ago

Nice Ninja Gaiden 2 and Yakuza 0 never played a Yakuza game.

InKnight7s1085d ago

Yakuza 0 is the ultimate Yakuza game. Enjoy it to beyong of story and achievements.

King_Noctis1085d ago

To me it has the best story in the Yakuza series.

thatguyhayat1085d ago

Boy are you in for a treat. You'll see why playstation gamers love that game

TommyVercetti881085d ago

Ok sounds good hyped for feb 26.

KillBill1085d ago

Not saying much as they also loved games like Knack, Days Gone, Death Stranding and The Order: 1886.

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i3eyond the Circle1086d ago

Been looking for a physical copy of Ninja Gaiden at the GameStop’s and no dice while the MS store still sold for 30$! Glad I know it’s coming

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