Gran Turismo

Kazunori Yamauchi has made some interesting comments about the future direction of Gran Turismo’s graphics.

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BigBosss221d ago

I cant wait for the next Gran Turismo game and certainly cannot wait for the PS5

Gaming101220d ago

Agreed. However I wish the target wasn't some enormous frame rate that you need a special HDMI cable to actually see, and TV with 240 hz rating, but rather better graphical fidelity, better visual effects, GT sport looks smooth but everything looks a bit bland and dated, particularly the tracks which have been around since GT1. I mean the trees are just 4 polygons if you zoom in on them, just looks ancient.

IRetrouk220d ago

You realise the gt sport engine is completely new right? Everything was built ground up, you sure about the trees?

frostypants220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

And good luck even finding a 4K TV with a native 240hz refresh rate. Most if not all that publish that are faking it via TV-side post-processing (e.g. Samsung Clear Motion), but are native 60hz or 120hz and will only receive content up to the console passing a true 240hz signal would be wasted.

fr0sty219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Don't forget he may not be talking about TVs... but rather headsets, hitting 240fps. PSVR already natively accepts and displays up to 120.

Lousan29219d ago

I agree you don't even have to zoom in just look at the trees it's like an extra detailed 2D Sprite that spins the closer you get to it. But I understand why they did that to save on memory.

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Vits221d ago

There really isn't a reason for such frame rates on consoles though. Even the best "gaming" TVs normally cap at 120 Hz screens and to actually take advantage of that they also have to feature at least a HDMI 2.1 port.

Marcello221d ago

I have a feeling this is to do with VR. 120fps is needed per eye to prevent motion sickness with the majority of people. I was already convinced that PS5 would launch or within a 6 months with a GT game in VR now i am more convinced. Like you said 240 isnt needed at all for normal play. The human eye maxes out @144fps.

ssj27220d ago

144fps lol maybe your eyes max out at that speed. It's funny how nerds say eyes cant see difference after 4k or 8k or whatever k or fps cut the bs we can period

poleerollee219d ago

Why are people talking about a game that its coming 5-8 years latter?....mmmpppffffff

Profchaos220d ago

Were starting to see more and more 240hz and higher monitors hit the market seems more like they want to be able to take advantage of those screens and future screens that adopt the tech.

Vits220d ago

Monitors yes, not TVs.
Most console gamers will not get a monitor to play.

1Victor219d ago

All you have to do is a quick search for
4k tv with 240hz refresh rate
And you’ll find them for as little as $500 so yeah 240hz tv isn’t that rare,he’ll my Sony Bravia 3D 2013 does 240hz

lsujester219d ago

They only hit 240Hz using the smoothing algorithms like MotionFlow, TruMotion, etc. The TVs don't really have a refresh rate that high, they're inserting extra artificial frames to look smoother to viewers. It may have changed recently, but when I was in the market last year there were no native 240Hz TVs out there.

2pacalypsenow221d ago

I hope he makes GT 7 next and not a spin off.

As much as I have enjoyed Sport.

I still play GT 6 more.

2pacalypsenow221d ago

I like the career mode and progression better.

Also a larger number of cars and the tuning/upgrading options.

CaptainOmega221d ago

I tried to play it last year. apparently there’s a boat load of updates and the game crashes when it gets close to downloading them all.

I tried not being connected to the internet while playing (that kinda solved the problem).. but nothing saved?

I threw the game out after that.

lifeisgamesok221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

GT7 will look astounding

Please include offline saves though or I'm not buying it lol

AK91220d ago

Is that possible on the PS5? Or any console for that matter?

NovusTerminus220d ago

It would absolutely be possible on PS5, just not with Ray Tracing enabled.

220d ago
IRetrouk220d ago

Hes only talking in general of where he wants the improvements to be, hes not strictly talking about the ps5 or the next game running at 240

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