New Awesome PSP ad

A new commercial for the PSP, courtesy of GT.

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Nineball21125311d ago

That is a really good ad! Now, that should be shown from now until Christmas on all of the major cartoon networks and Nickelodeon..

And all the time on Saturday mornings! :-)

RememberThe3575311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

of the kind of marketing we'll see once Sony kicks off it's new marketing campaign later this week. Hopefully we'll se more games though.

gaffyh5311d ago

Yeah this just aired on a prime time slot in UK, during the commercial break in The Gadget Show - I was actually kinda shocked, I was like "OMG this is the first time I've ever seen a PSP advert on TV, and on a normal terrestrial channel that everyone (in UK) gets!"

NovusTerminus5311d ago

Good ad. But I think they should have put some more games in it. The big hits for the PSP, such as GoW, FFVII:CC and MHF.

Socomer 19795311d ago

now my mommy wants one. Psp is a console too!

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