Square Building U.S. Development Studio

Gamasutra: "Tokyo-headquartered developer and publisher Square Enix is building a new studio in Los Angeles (El Segundo) that is working on an action-oriented game based for an original IP.

According to the career section of the Final Fantasy company's U.S. site, it is seeking to fill several positions for the new location, including the roles of Xbox 360 software engineer, product manager, 3D artist, and more."

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Man_of_the_year3621d ago

Hmmm..a building in the U.S.

Getting "closer" to MS huh...don't have a favorite console huh..Whats next a SE department right inside the MS building...

Bladestar3620d ago

I think your logic is flawed... since square has all their primary devs in japan.. wouldn't that show that they favor the PS3? so, it make sense if they have at least one development team in the US if they "do not have a favorite console". don't you think?

poopsack3620d ago

dont attack ur own teammate!

Man_of_the_year3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )


vvvvvvv - No prob bro its all good

Bladestar3620d ago

Sorry Man of the Year I actually thought it was an anti-xbox 360 in disguise... hard to tell sometimes.

JoySticksFTW3620d ago

I left my wallet there one time :D

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Nicolator3621d ago

i guess square is really serious about expanding their audience to go that far

KingDizzi3620d ago

This is interesting, I think this studio will be one for just 360 games. If that is the case the Nintendo games and Sony games will be developed in Japan which is kind of confusing. Nomura, Kitase etc are not going anywhere and will stay in Japan so who will take care of the US studio?

Hironobu, maybe........just maybe.

hay3620d ago

That would be interesting since Sakaguchi-sama didn't achieve much success with his Mistwalker. I miss good old FF games with Sakaguchi and Uematsu. Even if they'll be on Xbox, I don't care(it's not the first time Square switched sides). I just want to feel breathtaking RPG again.

According to help and funding Mistwalker received from Microsoft it could happen the same with Square. I mean, come on, what's Square without those two? We can se it clearly that not much.

NinjaRyu3620d ago

Maybe I get job with them without going to japan!

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