If Silent Hill ever comes back it has to leave the nurses and ditch its history for an all-new start

Silent Hill’s most recognisable elements are also its biggest weaknesses.

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Knightofelemia42d ago

Would be nice to see a new SH game only video games Konami cares about is releasing older stuff .

Gaming10142d ago

Konami isn't releasing anything it seems, old or new. They're making too much money with those stupid Pachinko machines so that's what they're investing in.
Console gaming for them is dead. No more MGS or Silent Hill. Fuck Konami.

AK9142d ago


Immagaiden42d ago

I don’t trust Konami doing justice to any of their series nowadays

Super Bomberman R is the only outlier

monkey60242d ago

%210 agree with this. It never made sense to keep bringing them back. Given the monsters are a personal reflection of the person trapped in Silent Hill

TheProfessional42d ago

Who is this guy? Yeah ditch everything recognizable from one of the most unique and memorable survival horror series of all time and reboot it
Great idea dude!