Thunderbolt Review Yakuza 2

Ben Philpott, Thunderbolt: "Playstation 2 eh? Not quite as dead as you thought, while a majority of us have been blasting away at our Halos and Metal Gears the past few months, there has been a select few who've been patiently waiting arms crossed (bless us) for their next slice of Japanese brutality. It is here, yes after two long years in localisation hell we can only rejoice that Europe and surprisingly America haven't been completely shafted after all. Rather than spend the remainder of this review chiding SEGA's behinds for quite frankly forcing us to wait so long, what you really need to know is that Yakuza 2 delivers. Repetitive fight mechanics? Aye. Graphically dated? Aye, maybe a little. Fractious mini games? … Aye. One of the most elated and engrossing experiences you will have had with your PS2? Definitely."

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