Before he made Undertale, Toby Fox created a Mega Man X and Seinfeld mashup that slaps

Toby Fox catapulted to fame thanks to Undertale in 2015, and has since worked on huge projects like Pokemon Sword and Shield and Smash Ultimate. But before that happened, Fox was a humble music composer that shared some of his creations on Tumblr:

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Blank49d ago

Toby Fox is shaping up to be a legend among game devs and composers.

Spenok48d ago

That slaps? What on God's green earth does that mean?

instantstupor48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It's a term that pretty much means the song is good. It kicks. I feel like you could essentially use it place of something like banger - that song is a real banger/that song slaps. I think there might be connotation about it being like a driving, bassy song - given how people "slap" bass guitars - but that might be me reading further into it.

I'm mostly defining this through the context I've heard it in, I've not heard it actually defined anywhere so I may not be 100% on the mark.

Spenok48d ago

Thanks man. I assumed it meant something like 'it's awesome'...

I feel like I'm getting old LOL