What Your Least Favorite Final Fantasy Says About You

The Final Fantasy franchise has been many things to many people in the decades since the series debuted in 1987: a card game, an energy drink, and no less than three unpopular motion pictures. But the nucleus of the entire multimedia universe has been the 15 core games in the series.

Everybody has a favorite Final Fantasy. Everyone also has a least favorite. So instead of doing the whole “VI vs. VII” conversation all over again, let’s try a different angle. Here’s what your least-liked Final Fantasy says about you.

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franwex47d ago

This article explains why so many people believe in the Mandela Effect. So, excellent!

Nacho_Z47d ago

This was an uncannily accurate read. The descriptions of modern opinions of FF7 and 8 are bang on.

Chaos_Order47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I went into this article expecting crap. Then I read the section for my personal least favourite FF game (12) and...

"But really, it comes down to this: The combat system is celebrated because they essentially invented a way for the game to play itself. The best part of FFXII is that even if you play it you don’t have to play it."

"You refuse to get into something unless it’s been thoroughly vetted by people you trust. Because of this, you’re still on the fence about Game of Thrones."

This is so unnervingly accurate I honestly don't know how to respond.

FinalAeonX47d ago

The low minority of people who hate FFX are most likely have FFIX as they're favourite game and are huge fans of the medieval settings from my experience.

LightofDarkness47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I dislike FFX and my favourite is a toss up between VI and VII. Fight me.

Although XIV has earned a lot of my love lately.

Juusterey47d ago

I don't like the ff1 part so far if we're talking original nes version a lot of it is probably mostly because it lacks so many conveniences, like even being able to see which armour or weapons are better easily
The psp, or even gba versoon of FF1 is one of my favourites

Juusterey47d ago

and it feels awfully college humourish
"here's how you think you feel vs how you really feel"

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