Persona 5 Switch Port Is Something Atlus Should Just Shut Up and Do

Persona 5 really should just come to the Switch at this point, but apparently Atlus needs you to keep screaming at them about it first.

Persona 5 is Atlus’ best-selling game of all time. The Nintendo Switch is currently the top-selling console. Saying that it’s up to the fans to make their voices heard is ridiculous.

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Harkins172145d ago

They can tease the game if they want.

ThatGuyDart45d ago

I have never seen a game more begged for in my life, starting to get annoying.

King_Noctis45d ago

'Keep Fighting' For Persona 5 on Switch, Atlus Say”

Atlus are the one who fuel the fire themselves.

45d ago
CrimsonPheonix45d ago

I wanted this game on switch even though I've played it on PS4 but atlus is too slow and annoying and now they keep bending to reset era mobs. I'm gonna start ignoring them.

LegoIsAwesome45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Wow, the day wont really come when the beggars wont stop begging for this game. The begging for P5 is strong ever since its launched date.

Edit: It probably gonna happen though.

notachance44d ago

funny thing is, when ps fans demand the same with SMT exclusivity they went radio silence

ninja2ri45d ago

It should only be PS exclusive. Not a fan of multiplatform games. Those games dont make systems interesting. Exclusives does. I would tell those people either buy a playstation or shut up. Now the switch is just a port machine.

Juusterey45d ago

You mean yourself?
Then yes, correct

Angyobangyo45d ago

Look at this child. So afraid of the “port machine” getting a PS game, lol. Never has there been the phrase, “console peasant” been more suitable. I bet you had a minor stroke when No Mans Sky left PS exclusivity.

Call it a port machine all you want, the system is killing it. Nintendo has more than enough exclusives to keep the system alive for years. The ports are ported by third party publishers, it’s their choice to do it and people are buying it. And FYI a lot of ports are selling better than when originally sold on other systems.

Nasdac45d ago

There is a reason that Persona Series (PS Exclusives) outsells Shin Megami Tensei Series (Nintendo Exclusives) even with half the releases so far, niche games selling better on PS. The Numbers are out there.

As for the porting, every third party company has to pay Console Certification for releasing their titles on multiple sources, Exclusives doesn't pay that fee, that's another major reason Atlus use to release Exclusives.

goldwyncq45d ago

These are probably the same people who threw a bitch fit when Bayonetta 2 was announced to be a Nintendo exclusive.

CaptainObvious87844d ago


Normally I would welcome old exclusives coming to a new platform. If it's years later, why not let a whole new user base have access to a good game.

But insufferable ninty fans like yourself make me question this line of thinking.

rainslacker45d ago

As a Persona and PS fan, I couldn't care less if this game goes to Switch. It's the games that are interesting. I don't care if they're exclusive or not. While Atlus is at it, they can port SMT games over to PS. Then all will be right in the world.

The Wood45d ago

I much prefer beggars then those who downplay a title but explode with joy when it becomes available on their platform or even on another that they haven't got just because.

rainslacker44d ago

I'm fine with people who say or request a game on a platform they prefer. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. It just a consumer action.

I tend to get annoyed with these kinds of things when people place ultimatums on the publishers to do so. I know those ultimatums are meaningless, but it's highly pretentious of them.

I also don't care for those who go overboard in criticizing those who are just asking.

goldwyncq45d ago

So you’d want it to remain an exclusive to make your preferred piece of plastic seem more interesting?

Corporate shills like you are the scourge of gaming.

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StormLegend45d ago

Port begging is ridiculous. Atlus obviously has a deal with Sony and that's why it haven't been ported yet. They've been working with Sony for a while now. Why not buy the system and play it? You can find deals of a PS4 for $199.

Neonridr45d ago

pretty sure Atlus wouldn't be sending out surveys asking people if they want Switch ports of Persona if they didn't have the ability to make them. They are coming, no doubt about it.

HeisenbergX45d ago

Hmm nahh i don’t buy that .. leave Persona for playstation and deal with it already people.

DarkHeroZX45d ago

They have been doing that survey for a long time now.

Good-Smurf45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I did enough surveys to know that you either get the crappiest freebies or the worst kind of vouchers or none at all.
My one hour survey I did with Nielsen and I got a tiny ass cheap Thermos for it.

ShadowWolf71245d ago

There are actually a couple of reasons to do that.

1. It gets their games talked about and trending online, which is good publicity.
2. If there IS some sort of exclusivity deal with PS, should a discussion of renewal come up, it gives them more leverage to ask for more out of the deal.

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rainslacker45d ago

I don't think there is any official deal. It's just been Nintendo = SMT, and Sony = Persona, forever, so it's more of a tradition than a business agreement. I do believe the PSP Persona game(cant remember which one) was paid for by Sony, but that was just to get the game on the system. It sold so well, Atlus started supporting Sony portables in earest.

mezati9945d ago

just release these games on all platforms holy shit how fucking retarded are these companies? leaving shit load of money of the table

HeisenbergX45d ago

By that logic all exclusives should be on all platforms .. which is ridiculous

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