8.5 Game Review: Buzz Quiz TV writes: "Gather round the family and weird cousins, Buzz Quiz TV will have you playing as a mime and throwing pies at your Grandma!

Let's begin where most reviews don't. The packaging of the game. Buzz Quiz TV is a fierce looking box, for good reason. Not only is the game included but 4 buzzers (1 big red button, 4 colored rectangles) and a usb 'buzz collector' stick. You should know what you're getting into when you see 4 buzzers on the box… yup 8 AA batteries. But I prefer the wireless buzzers over the potential "rats nest" with wired controllers that could very well be.

The Good
- Easy to understand questions
- Fun customizable characters w/ Eye Toy
- MyBuzz Questions, play then rate
- Questions were rarely duplicated (unlike other quiz games)
- Last place player chooses category; avoids early elimination

The Bad
- Add-on's are not isolated questions
- No pause
- Main menu is not easy to navigate
- Bomb detonates before question is read in "Short Fuse" round

With the holiday's approaching, Buzz Quiz TV will be suitable for a broad age group, as you'll find categories from "Toons" and "Oldies Music". I highly recommend Buzz Quiz TV and it's add-on's, due to the fun factor and competitive yet versatile set of questions that your friends and family will enjoy. I'm hoping for a Buzz Quiz TV add-on, which I'm sure we'll see!"

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