First shot of Resistance 2 bundle pack

Dutch website, published the first picture of the 80GB bundle pack of Resistance 2. The bundle shows a nice packshot and has a price of €399,- (for a 80gb ps3 model and Resistance 2)

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Silogon3649d ago

About time Sony used their heads a little. An R2 bundle is a smart move but it should also include Resistance 1... hell the game is only 20 bucks brand new now. Only wise, Sony. Only wise.

Also, R&CFTOD should have an American bundle this year. They have to! It is a wasted opurtunity if consumers don't have the option, parents, don't have the option to buy a Ps3 with that game included.

Nineball21123649d ago

That's not a bad idea on adding R1 to the bundle...

Just make it an un-Resistance-able bundle for gamers!!

This is a nice bundle, nonetheless.

SIX3649d ago

Agree. Finally, Sony does something that makes sense.

Mainman3648d ago

399? that cant be right. 399 was the price for the 40Gb version.

PirateThom3648d ago

Sony generally sell bundles for the same price as the current SKU.

The 80GB is 399, so it's essentially a free game.

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fafoon3649d ago

With The Best Console
What a Bundle

Radiodread3649d ago

I bought Resistance 1, beat it then traded it back in. Gameplay and graphics were very bland. Resistance 2 kills R1 in every way, though.

kurochi3649d ago

I kinda like R1 better than this 2nd one. Not saying R2 was a bad game, but I guess I was just hoping for a longer campaign and maybe a slightly better story.
Now I've got to start Gears 2 and see how that game is.