New Halo Wars art reveals new characters

New artwork released for Halo Wars today reveals some of the new characters that you'll be getting to grips with when the game launches in February, including a certain Sergeant Forge...

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N4PS3G3622d ago

The cg videos and the art of this game is just amazing! soooo much better than anything seen on the previous halo games!... feels epic ..i just can't help to think why waste this talent on a FREAKING RTS!!!

huge letdown

sirbigam3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

dam I just relized it was an RTS, and do my eyes deceive me they spent 4 years. Probly gonna be the best dam RTS.

ASSASSYN 36o3622d ago

Halo started out as an RTS by Bungie. Ensemble is reviving the Halo RTS. Shows how much you DIDN't know.

xenogamer3622d ago

then bungie said WTF? were stupid, lets make it a FPS and rock the fvcking worlds SOCKS OFF, and guess what? they did change it to a FPS, because making HALO into an RTS was fvcking stupid!

LevDog3622d ago

We already knew about the new characters.. Theres the Red, Blue, Pink, Black , and Yellow ranger

Tony6003622d ago

The red aliens were cool!

Covenant3622d ago

My initial feeling about this was "meh." But after seeing shots and hearing about the open world setting, I'm a little more interested.

One thing, tho: There have been rumors of the game being only 6 or 7 hours long. I hope that's not the case, and if so, then the game better be cheap. If MS can publish Banjo and VP for $40, why not this?

Halochampian3622d ago

You are thinking of the wrong game. You are thinking of Halo 3: Recon. This is for Halo Wars.

Covenant3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

You're right. Oops. Wrong game. I know the difference, but my tired brain didn't realize it.

(Let this be a warning, folks: Look before you post).

Perjoss3622d ago

One thing bothers me...
They already said its going to be short, and then they said the DLC is pretty much ready to go too, does that not mean that stuff is practically being cut out to be sold separately? :(

I know this would not be the first time this happens, but to openly admit it before the game is even released? damn.

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