Final Fantasy 7 Remake "Surpasses Even My Own Expectations," Says Kitase

Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase says the game has surpassed his own expectations.

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Harkins172138d ago

Keeping my expectations low so hopefully it blows me away. Let's go!

neutralgamer199238d ago

Agreed don't buy into the hype it's media's job to hype every AAA game

CrimsonPheonix38d ago

The "Hype" is also done by people. All i'm expecting is a remake of the first part of FF7 with better visuals, and there's nothing wrong with being excited for that.

There might be more to it then that but thankfully II don't know because I've avoided all the trailers after E3 and they seem to be putting too much out there.

The easiest way to get disappointed by a game is by watching all its marketing before the game is released.

Nu38d ago

Maximilian Dood is that you?

olorin81838d ago

As much as I am excited about the game, and I have no doubts thegame will be a blast to play, I am always wary of developers sweet talking about their own game. It feels like a PR stun more than anything. However it could be just Kitase being candid and talking frankly.

Tiqila38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I honestly don't know why people disagree with you on this. Some devs just overhype their own games, whether on purpose or not is hard to tell, but don't pretend there are no Peter Molyneux's around... like seriously, wtf?

CrimsonPheonix38d ago

What are they supposed to do? say this game we spent years and millions of dollars developing is trash please don't buy it?

rainslacker38d ago

I don't think Square, or the devs involved with the game, have been gushing endlessly about the game to the point of being annoying. This is the first time I can recall them saying anything directly about their personal opinion on the quality of the game.

FinalAeonX38d ago

Coming from the guy who directed Chrono Trigger, FF6, FF7, FF8 and FF10. Damn.

nommers38d ago

He isn't directing the remake though. He's the producer. He was also the producer of the XIII trilogy, so let that sink in for a minute. In one video for lightning returns he was trying to play up the game but he came off as so high on his own supply I couldn't watch the whole self indulgent thing.

I_am_Batman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Kitase is a legend in my opinion. He directed some of my favorite games of all time. While I would've liked him to direct FFVII Remake, having Nomura take that role makes sense, considering the gameplay is more action oriented this time.

On the topic of FFXIII, Kitase and Toriyama tried to explain why it would be very hard and expensive to make a current gen (then PS3/Xbox 360) Final Fantasy game without compromising on certain aspects of the game compared to older titles. This was a reaction to the criticism FFXIII has received for the lack of towns and location variety. Kitase and Toriyama got a lot of flak for their statements at the time. Many gamers simply didn't seem to understand how much work and money it would take to get a classic FF game up to the standard of current gen expectations.

Seeing how FFVII had to be broken up and released seperately I hope more people will finally get an idea what they meant in 2010. It took the team 4+ years to finish the first part of the game. It might take them another 5+ years to get the rest out. Let's not forget that they already had the original FFVII as a point of reference. Now imagine if they wanted to make a new FF game from scratch that lives up to that kind of standard.

Eamon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The main reason FF7R got split up is because the team decided they didn't want to compromise on the quantity of great ideas (new & old) they had for the remake.

The Midgar section of the original was about 2-3 hours long max. This game ends at the end of Midgar section and is expected to last at least 30 hours. Imagine how much new content is going to be added in?

Of course, part of the reason FF13 suffered is due to its initial project scale and scope. Square-Enix simply did not know how to make a modern FF game. You could actually tell the faults were coming with FF10. FF10 is actually the most linear FF game by far compared to all the PS1 and SNES FFs. Square also struggled to figure out how to design a modern battle system that felt new and ambitious but not fall too far from the 'turn-based' tree. This is why FF13's combat sucked and FF15's combat went full action. Hopefully, FF7R's hybrid battle system might be the modern FF battle system we've all been waiting for.

Name Last Name38d ago


2-3 hours max?? What Midgar did you play??

hentaicollector38d ago

While I'm excited, I'm not super excited. It's only the Midgar part, which was just a small part of the original game. I expect the experience will be padded out by adding tons of boring sidequests like FFXV had. Also it took them how long to make this, 5 years? I'm very worried how many years we'll have to wait for the next part. The project is way too ambitious and I'm positive most fans would have been just as happy with just a competent remaster of the original.

Harkins172138d ago

It's been remastered already. People wanted a remake from the ground up.

dumahim38d ago

They did not remaster VII. Just ported and re-released the PC version with a couple tweaks and higher resolution.

TeamIcoFan38d ago

@dumahim That's EXACTLY what a remaster is.

dumahim38d ago

No, it isn't. It was a Port from the PC version. The backgrounds were unchanged, the textures unchanged, the FMVs were unchanged. Nothing was remastered.
A remaster is what they did with FF 8 as it included upgraded 3D models and textures. Don't believe me? Ok, look at how it listed in the stores.

FF VIII Remastered

Directly from SE

The very first thing it says on the page "This game is a port of the original FINAL FANTASY VII"

If it was remastered, it would be called a remastered version just like VIII, but it isn't.

Chriswynnetbh38d ago

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like the FFVIIR looks terrible but I agree that it's way too ambitious. It's going to take them a decade or more just to get all of the episodes out for it and I have no doubt in my mind they are going to keep charging full price for each one. I just can't in good conscious support that shit. I definitely would've rather had them remaster it similar to how Shadow of the Colossus was where the original game is kept intact they just updated the graphics/controls and added in a tiny bit of new content.

rainslacker38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Midgar was about 1/5 of the entire game, if you include all the side content that comes up after you leave midgar.
If they open up the city, and add in a lot of potentially available content from the existing lore/story, then it can easily be made into a full size game. They don't even really have to make the whole city explorable, just the sections that already existed.

I'd imagine the next games may not take as long. This game will provide them with a base to work off of. Best I can relate it to would be Xenosaga. First one took almost 5 years to make from start to finish. Next two came out a couple years after each. Same with the .Hack series on the PS2. One foundation, and lots of assets already made, just have to plug in the new stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if some stuff is already in the works for the next game, and pre-production may already be finished.

Juusterey38d ago

Yeah, I think we kinda forget how much Midgar actually was
and like you're saying, they're not starting from scratch, characters, battle system and other things have already been made

Juusterey38d ago

I'm sure someone with no profile picture named "hentaicollector" is going to provide valuable insight

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xTonyMontana38d ago

I'm hyped BUT come on, he's the producer, he's going to say that.

KingKelloggTheWH38d ago

This, acting like the producer saying the gane is amazing is anything special.

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