Metal Gear Online MEME expansion pack - New screenshots

Konami published some new Metal Gear Online screenshots related to MEME expansion pack. Check them out.

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Silogon3649d ago

When I think of all the games that are online... I don't say "Hey, I wanna play MGS4!!!" I just don't. It's too cumbersome to get into. The passwords, the login names and all that is just stupid. Not only that the slow paced gameplay with no difference in game modes is just painful to sit thru.

MGS deserved much more.

Mainman3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

What the heck are you talking about? No difference in game modes? MGO has the most unique game modes out there, and it will have 3 more game modes added. MGO is not as slow paced as you think, yeah, it is not a shooter (we allready have enough of those), but it is definately not slow paced.

Plus, there is no better feeling than to Sneak up on a person in online games.

MGO is imo the best online game out there. The gameplay is versatile, with fast paced and slow paced modes.

Yeah, the password thing is a pain to do, but you only have to do it once. Then you can save your password after the first login and it works like any other online game going via the PSN.

When I played MGO the first time, I thought it was slow paced too, but that changed pretty quick though. I was used to COD4. After playing MGO, I never went back to COD4, lol.

I also played the Killzone 2 beta. Yeah, it was awesome, I will probably buy Killzone 2, but I will spend more time on MGO though.

The-Director3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

MGS4 was one of the best games i ever played, but i can't say the same for the multiplayer, gameplay is too slow, shooting mechanism is awkward and just annoying to login to a match, and i can't see how this expansion pack will sell.

Doesn't matter anyway, the single player experience was more than i could ever want from a game.

Mainman3648d ago

If you liked MGS4 single-player. Then you should go on MGO and play the Sneaking-mode (SNE mode). If you become Snake (computer picks randomly), then it is the same gameplay as single-player but multiplied by 10, lol. I love SNE mode.

It is hard to be Snake though, since everybody know what to look for, but thankfully, there are 2 sides fighting eachother, so alot of time you as Snake go unnoticed.

Socomer 19793649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

When i go to play a game I auto Login. I ranked up my character runnig skill to master & im much more faster. I ranked up my assault rifle to level 3 master & its much quicker to have a steadier aim & better stream of shot placements. is it hard to understand that the weapons are judged in a A+ C- grading? alos, Armor plays a role too.I fire in 3rd person & finish with a headshot in 1st person. My favorite game modes are Survival, Base, Team Deathmatch, Team sneaking & Sneak. I find johnny/Akiba hilarious and very tactical when using drebin points & merryl is sexy even when she cries for akiba after shooting him. I love the MGO reward shop because its updated frequently with new customizations for Gear. The gun customizations is my favorite part of the game & the gadgets with the exception of cheap magazines placed are traps are funny but not as impressive as the
the others.

It seems to me you guys just never put in the time to figure it out. you must be too busy playing other games too fast so you can rush to the internet and make a comment. the game is hot man. If it wasnt I wouldnt be playing it religously.