Persona 5: The Royal Will Change Homophobic Scenes For Western Release

Atlus confirmed to IGN that the beach scene, among others, will be updated in Royal after fan backlash.

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2pacalypsenow709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

I guess western gamers are too sensitive.

Good thing too cuz It could cause anxiety on this side of the world, and make people run to their safe spaces.

xTonyMontana709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

State of pandering in the world, they'll find something new to to get anxious about soon enough. Meanwhile I'm off running to my angry space forced to do the happy dance. I seriously hope that is all they are "culturally localising" because honestly the implied rape and the aftermath bit would be up for the chopping block and that scene really shocked me initially and is an integral part to one of one of the main character's development.

Mr Pumblechook708d ago

The boys on ResetEra say 'hi'.

JokerBoy422709d ago

I'm a western gamer. This pandering drives me insane.

bluefox755708d ago

It drives all of us insane, why do companies keep folding to these crazy vocal minoirites.

JokerBoy422708d ago


They do it because these whiners are very vocal and create an illusion of being the majority voice. There's the additional problem that anytime anyone argues against the whining minority they are then met with the counter of being ignorant, racist, close-minded, arrogant, homophobic, transphobic, etc... The majority group that isn't causing a problem is forced into submission to stay quiet in order for the minority group to be heard and cause problems.

Fluttershy77709d ago

Could someone describe the homophobic scenes?

Juusterey709d ago

If i remember right it's some kind of stereotypical gay guys implying that they're hitting on a guy and him being uncomfortable with the idea

TheColbertinator709d ago


The scene involves Ryuji (a minor) being harassed and dragged away by two stereotypical older gay men so they can touch him. The scene is more akin to zany Japanese humor than western situational humor.

The accusation of homophobia comes up because it makes the only openly gay men in the game seem like they are pushing homosexuality aggressively.

Personally I just don't find the scene funny but rather annoying. Atlus USA made the call on the deleted scene.

rainslacker709d ago

What Juustery says is pretty right.

I wouldn't call the scene homophobic. More that it portrays a negative stereotype about gay men. If it were straight men doing this scene it wouldn't be considered offensive, at least not to the point of people getting upset, because that kind of lecherous stuff really isn't that uncommon with this style of anime presentation. While I think it's proabably not good to represent things in such a way, it's more archetypal than in it's an archetype of someone who's lecherous. The Japanese culture has a different view on such things than western culture. Game itself really isn't affected by it, although censorship sucks in general.

xTonyMontana709d ago

Scene is realistic actually, sorry gay men but that's how straight men feel about it. I give off a gay vibe and regularly get drunk men try it on with me and absolutely hate it.

The Wood709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

When I read some of the things I read about censorship I do wonder why some people go so far to fight against it. If something as a paedophilic theme I'm fine with that being scratched but I feel some people would be outraged. Too many nonces out here. I'm not for censorship for stupid reasons but certain areas deserve to be cut.


Was that scene in the original P5 or just the Royal as I don't remember the scene?

To those who feel pissed about the changes; get the import .

Juusterey709d ago

@The Wood
If you're for censorship when it's something you don't like
then yes, you are for censorship

bluefox755708d ago

They weren't homophobic, it was just humor. Tired of the perpetually offended ruining things for the rest of us.

The Wood708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Yeah. I guess I am then because I don't like pedophilia glorified. I understand the depiction of it but there's a fine line and my comment earlier wasn't about this game's censorship which I didn't agree with as I've asked if the same scene was in the original p5 which I had no issues with at all.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro709d ago

Ok so I don't buy the game. I don't really like things like censorship and altering things just because some people complain. Royal has sold horribly in Japan so it's a flop anyway, this isn't helping.

NukeDaHippies709d ago

Um... I don't think it is. Your loss tho.

Argosax709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

Lol I don't like it either, but It's an irrelevant detail. If you really believe that, never buy something from Capcom or Sony, they censored a five-second scene in DMC 5. Sony also have been doing this kind of thing for some time now.

wwinterj708d ago

I mean I still have the OG release and a nice steelbook so this just makes me not in any type of rush to buy royal if at all.

The Wood708d ago

Is this scene in the original or just in royal

Question_Mark708d ago

The game definitely wasn’t a flop in Japan. It debuted with over two hundred thousand sold and is now over half a million. That’s hardly a flop for sales in Japan alone.

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Zodiac709d ago

Wow, the nerve! I mean, why is homophobia bad? /s

Everyone here is soooooo edgy

Doge709d ago

I'll laugh my ass off if they decide to boycott the game because they removed that pointless scene but also bought the Yakuza Remastered Collection lmao

Christopher709d ago

The people here weren't going to buy it to begin with. Let's be honest. It's like me saying I'm going to boycott the next Forza game because there's no Herbie The Love Bug in it.

rainslacker709d ago

If western audiences actually boycotted games that censored during localization, then they'd probably never buy any of these games. I don't think there is a single localization where something that would probably never be looked at twice in Japanese culture, is some big thing that will upset the western audience, and has to be changed. All the companies that release Japanese otaku games in the west change or remove something because they don't think it will go over well.

Zodiac709d ago

I know, that’s why I put /s for sarcasm. Or is *s more common?

frostypants709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

Right? Kinda ironic how people scream about being too sensitive, whilst barely able to contain their own irritation over this change. what? Oh no, they changed a homophobic Is that so awful? People need to pick their battles better. They wind up sounding more sensitive than those they complain about.

Zodiac709d ago

Yes, The biggest “snowflakes” are people who complain about snowflakes.

Hungryalpaca708d ago

People just don’t like censorship. Doesn’t matter what it is.

Fluttershy77708d ago

/s = sarcasm I didn't knew that. Sorry millenial, it's really hard for me!

Hungryalpaca708d ago

Censorship is bad too you know. Come to think of it so is murder yet no one screeches about that in games.

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annoyedgamer709d ago

Its just lOcAlIZaTiOn gaizz


rob-GP708d ago

Do you understand what localisation is? It's not simply translating the game word-for-word, it's about adapting the context for the region the game is being sold in. What may be appropriate over in Japan may not suite the culture over here - hence the subtle changes and adjustments.

Shiken708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

I am curious if this is a Sony call or an Atlus call...

Teflon02709d ago

Sounds fine by me. Ain't going to stop me from buying


Then you’re part of the problem.