Persona 5 On Nintendo Switch Is Still A Possibility

Atlus tells us Persona 5 on Switch won’t happen unless fans keep asking for it.

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Lexreborn241d ago

Sure is a possibility, and when it release it will come with a 60 dollar sticker while you could get it on PS3 or 4 for 5 to 20 bucks

Angyobangyo41d ago

Switch players would pay it because of portability.

ZeekQuattro40d ago

Everyone thirsty for an old ass game. I just want SMT V to release. I don't understand why Atlus is so incompetent. They need to stop announcing games years in advance and going dark soon afterward. It's a hassle to the people working on the game as people bug them for updates well as those wanting to play the game because there's little to no news for years at a time.