Microsoft teaming up with Samsung for gaming and XCloud could be Huge

At Samsung's 2020 Unpacked event, the Korean tech giant announced a partnership with Xbox. Details are scant, but what could it mean for the future of Microsoft's gaming platform?

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CaptainCook44d ago

Sony never supported PS Now on Smart TVs though...

Fishy Fingers44d ago

They did.

Until they adopted Android on their TV's.

darthv7243d ago

To be fair, I think I know whete you are going there captain.

Sony did initially support it on smart tv.... but they then no longer support it. Hence you are right that they no longer support it but you cant say they 'never' did.

rainslacker43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

They didn't remove it from TV's that had it, except a couple which I believe didn't have some newer functionality that was needed for an update, nor the one Blu-Ray player that offered it, but outside of updating the app for any new codec they use, they don't do much with it, nor put it into new TV's.

I think it'd be easy enough to add into modern smart TV's, but it'd require a bluetooth adapter to handle the controller. If Sony goes with a wifi standard for the DS5 controller, then potentially it could work with any TV that has the proper OS and app on the store. Personally, I think that'd be the best way to go, instead of trying to partner with TV manufactuers. They don't need to work with the companies to get it onto TV's, just release the app on the TV's store page, which can control any thing needed to run the program, assuming there is a way to connect a controller.

Only reason to work with the manufacturers, outside marketing deals and whatnot, is there are blocks on the OS software which the company needs to work around. This is usually the case on smart phones and tablets, and most TV's are locked down even more than those devices.

I believe with Samsung and MS now, they needed to have something unblocked to use the app, and given the recent announcements, it's likely also a marketing deal going on.

fr0sty42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

In either case, nobody used it, because people don't like playing laggy games streamed over the internet.

Unspoken42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yeah, Sony had to buy their streaming service with the acquisition of Gaikai and OnLive where they ended up purchasing the idea and shutting down the respective companies. It's kind of where their headed now as they don't have the engineering to compete.

S2Killinit42d ago

These days anything MS do is going to be “huge” or some variation of hyperbole.

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Sonyslave344d ago

X Cloud going to be on all android devices and they're bringing it to iPhone too.

Chris1243d ago

You clearly do. Another positive Xbox move you appear to dislike. No surprise there then.

ImGumbyDammit43d ago

And that means what? It wasn't Samsung that suddenly dropped supporting PSNow on devices it was Sony that pulled the rug out from all the devices that PSNow was supporting at the time. Just leaving the PS4 and PCs.

Atom66643d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Rightfully so. I think it's time for Sony to revisit their decision to pull PS now off of smart tvs too.

This is inevitably where these streaming services are headed.

rainslacker43d ago

I agree. Luckily nowadays, the SmartTV's work more like mobile device app stores, where you don't need to have hardware specially made, or concessions made within hardware to make an app. There is stricter approval on most TV's store fronts, but I'm sure Sony could work with that. Maybe need some parts of the OS back end opened up, and likely hardware sufficient enough to handle a controller input device. BlueTooth or some Wifi Standard, the latter of which could be handled by almost any wifi controller chip nowadays. A USB dongle add on for a controller as an option for TV's that don't directly support any controller. Basically, the controller should remain wireless.

I think with Ryan pushing PSNow more, we'll see Sony be more aggressive in this area going forward. They're already on some google devices, and iDevices. If MS and Google are going to push into the TV market, Sony would be foolish to not do so as well. It is the one market that has the most growth potential, because I fell those with a capbable PC or console(which is where Sony is currently at), will have limited appeal and accessibility to current users, who already have a means to play games.

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Thundercat7743d ago

I don't think it could be "huge".

Unspoken43d ago

So far this has been the best gaming news in weeks. Streaming Xbox games to any devices is pretty big but then again look who posts in Xbox articles.

Thundercat7742d ago

Yeah of course, just as big as the power of the cloud. Xbox is not the first doing this but let's wait til next E3.

Immorals43d ago

I noticed the Xbox media player now has more integration with Samsung phones. Something is coming, not a clue what it is.

rainslacker43d ago

That's more an adroid thing isn't it? I've seen some of the new builds since last year, and it seems like the Media player, which is also part of the Windows media player family, is more integrated into the system. It kind of surprised me since Google does YouTube, but then I realized google doesn't really have a good all around media player, and MSMP is pretty robust in terms of compatible content, scalability, and customization to systems.

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originaljohn43d ago

Does that mean Xbox will get HDR 10+ support?

frostypants42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

That would be underwhelming. Dolby Vision is better and available on more TVs than HDR 10+, and HDR 10 is plenty for most people. HDR 10+ is proprietary and inferior to Dolby Vision though. No strong reason to support it.

originaljohn42d ago

It's Samsung's proprietary version of HDR 10, I'd say that's a big reason to support it.

frostypants42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@originaljohn, you didn't explain a reason. Yes, it's a proprietary version of HDR10 that will only work on Samsung (and TVs, and is only very marginally better than HDR10. And very inferior to Dolby Vision, an HDR10 alternative that already has much broader support (but is almost as pointless itself). In the AV community HDR10+ is almost universally considered a waste of everyone's time. It's the HD-DVD of HDR standards. Nobody would be hyped for that.

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