Square Enix: We don't have a favourite console

Producers and development teams at Final Fantasy XIII publisher/developer Square Enix "don't have a particular favourite platform", the director on upcoming RPG The Last Remnant has revealed.

Speaking to during a trip to Tokyo to check out the title, director Hiroshi Takai, whose credits include Legend of Mana, the Romancing SaGa trilogy and PS2 launch title The Bouncer, reinforced the company's commitment to multi-platform development with its high-profile role-playing games, but said that the 360 is an "easy" platform to develop on, and revealed that The Last Remnant team had "quite a lot of fun" with it.

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TheColbertinator3674d ago

Thats right.Because SE screws everyone with their BS.F*** You Square

Silogon3674d ago

Strange I don't have a favorite square game either... They all kinda suck.

Johnny Cullen3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Wrong reply XD

theKiller3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

infinite undiscovery 360 exclusive
star ocean 4 360 time exclusive
last remnant 360 time exclusive
what else did i miss??

so yeah sure u dont have a favorite console but u r in love with MS deep pockets, too bad because if they made quality games then they will gain much more than what MS throws at them


any way all SE games sucks except FF series which the last one FF12 sucked any way, so i dont have so much desires for even FF game unless it proves it self that its a quality game!

Liquid Dust3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I agree with you to a point, I'd say that all of their current gen attempts have not been that great at all, such as infinite undiscovery and from the looks of it Last Remnant as well.

Take a look at Last Remnant from Kotaku

The first video is downright embarrassing with all of the slowdown and texture/object pop-in. I just don't think they have a handle on either console that well yet, except for portable consoles.

I really hope square proves me wrong next year, Star Ocean looks great for you 360 guys next year, wish Square would throw PS3 some love, but i will have WKC which makes me pretty happy.

@GAFFYH BELOW: I agree with you there, though it really doesnt take much to do better than Infinite Undiscovery.

gaffyh3674d ago

@Liquid Dust - with that said, it still looks a lot better than Infinite Undiscovery

Bonsai12143674d ago

i agree that all their current gen entries are below former squaresoft standards.

and while they say square enix has no favorite console, the developers working there sure do..

UltimateIdiot9113674d ago

Don't forget, The Last Remnant (360) isn't delay in the US for the PS3 version. But, FFXIII (PS3) will be delayed in the US for the 360 version.

So 360 games don't have to wait for the PS3 but PS3 has to wait for the 360 in the US. I smell favorite.

hay3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Not all, but lately there aren't great games as they used to make.
I enjoyed Crisis Core although it was rape on FF7 in some places, I love FF12 even though most people don't. But yeah, Square games lack the quality that they used to have. Also some marketing moves they made didn't fix my loyalty for the company.
It's a company, they make money, I don't blame them but I also I don't wanna buy half-a$$ed games.

@UltimateIdiot911: Maybe I'm naive, but I still hope they won't delay FF13 to release it with X version.

SWORDF1SH3674d ago

SE have disrespected the ps3 but its a company so if they get offered money they will more than likely take it. it might bite them in that ass one day.

Kaneda3674d ago

I don't have favorite RPG anymore.. :)

Socom3674d ago

Square enix said: "we dont have a favorite console"

See people, every console is equal to SE!
Just that some are more equal than others! Especially when green bills are waved around.

hay3673d ago

Dude! Green bills are "equaliest" of them all! /jk

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Nineball21123674d ago

But they do have a favorite color!

The color of green = money...

Although, they probably get that in yen and I'm not sure what color that is! :-)

TheColbertinator3674d ago

The only things that make money for SE now is PSP spin-offs and DS remakes only in Japan.They don't know how to make money on the PS3,360 or the Wii because each console has its own strategy and preferences but Square Enix is just trippin' on their own shoelaces with their decisions like Closed Theaters,delays,and lack of info

Johnny Cullen3674d ago

Steven: You nailed my opinion right on the head.

That said, I am still gonna go out and get The Last Remnant by trading in Call of Duty: WaW.

That way, I may actually enjoy a decent game out of it (Remember children, the keyword for today is "may") and Square Enix don't get money.

It's a win-win situation.

Mr_Bun3674d ago

You are right...Square does have a fav console...whichever one can make them the most money.

pp3674d ago

Square Enix Your awesome and i am looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII on my xbox360.

Surfman3674d ago

before the announcement of FFXIII on 360, you said that FFXIII will be crap like all others games on the PS3. You said that all FF are crap, flops, etc.

See how stupid you are.

ravinshield3674d ago

they do have a favorite console its not the ps3 though.hahah

Nitrowolf23674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Its becuase it was PS3 exclusive, and because of that he had to bash it around.

Nitrowolf23674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

and its def not the 360

razorbladelight3674d ago

pp, you still waiting for MGS4 on 360?

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Makidian3674d ago

This is so unbelievably retarded, SE went from being one of my favorite companys to one of my least. Now the only games I look forward to that come from them, come from Nomura, and I doubt he will be there much longer given the way they have been mucking about this gen. He will end up with his own studio making games for Sony the way Sakaguchi makes games for Microsoft(and Blue Dragon+ for DS). It's really sad to see SE go down this way, and the will never have the same WEstern successes that their Japanese brethren have because they don't have mass market appeal, and braching out with Supreme Commander isn't going to help that.