Don’t Believe the Marketing: Famous Brands Don’t Mean Great Games

Need for Speed and Criterion Games, Outriders and People Can Fly -- forget brands and marketing. Teams make video games, and team compositions change.

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nibblo48d ago

There are cultures in teams though that live on after people leave though I agree the most important factor is the team lead and how they are running the project.

TheProfessional48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Interesting article with some good points. Unfortunately it is usually just a marketing ploy when the majority of the talent/creative force of a studio are long gone but gamers are led to believe it is the same original crew

P.S. Criterion should have made Black 2 years ago when it was stil the same team

NeoGamer23243d ago

The article kind of meanders around, but I do think that gamers jump on marketing band wagons way too quickly.

And the band wagon is both ways. Gamers jump on the "Oh, that studio/publisher is bad" band wagon just as fast as they jump on the "That studio only makes great games" band wagon.