Hogwarts from the Harry Potter movies completely remade in PS4 game Dreams

Dreams has been on the shelves since last Friday and the reactions are wildly enthusiastic. A PS4 gamer now remade the famous magic school Hogwarts that we know from the Harry Potter films and books. Here you can explore the entire castle and actually walk around in well-known locations.

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GaboonViper51d ago

This game is a masterpiece, i am at a loss of words, this truly could be GOTY.

Kingsora51d ago

It absolutely is, there are so many great games already on the platform. And the game is only released for 4 days! Imagine what we will see in 2 or 3 months.

Sono42150d ago

I mean yeah, but this was around during early access, I remember playing it, this person is late to finding it out. I would say at the very least 90% of what is playable right now was made during Early access.

Kingsora51d ago

I was truly amazed with this tour of Hogwarts. It still needs some werk to be truly great, but it is already so awesome. The creator said he is coming with a HUGE update very soon. So really curious to see what we will get.

SolidGamerX50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

What no Quidditch field? LOL, only joking this is amazing work and dedication. It proves dreams is a powerful creative tool and there are people out there who can make amazing things for everyone to enjoy. Very inspiriting I kinda want to try and recreate sets from certain TV shows I like.

Kingsora50d ago

The creator is still updating the game. Surely we will see one in the future.

Relientk7750d ago

This reminds me I'm still waiting for that Harry Potter RPG that was leaked a couple years ago, rumors were saying it's next-gen.

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