How Persona 5 Royal, And The Series, Has Evolved For Western Audiences

Persona localization veteran Yu Namba explains the evolution of the series in the West and how the team changed problematic content for the better.

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Harkins172148d ago

Literally the only people to complain were non fans from ResetEra. They werent going to buy it anyways.

notachance48d ago

yeah can't believe they censor that for a group of people who's gonna forget the whole thing in just days after it's released

ThunderGod_Cid48d ago

"Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it." --Mark Twain

GameZenith48d ago

Do you feel edgy with that quote?

annoyedgamer48d ago


"Let's unpack that"

"Here's why"

Rachel_Alucard48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

"Maybe, just maybe"


"Who hurt you"

"It's called being a decent human being"


"Let that sink in"


Xaevi48d ago

What exactly are they censoring? Cause I don't recall anything offensive in this game

Rachel_Alucard48d ago

That's how you know who complained. Because anyone with a normal brain won't go out of their way looking for it. Even the slightest implication = full blown racism/sexism etc. with no way to calm suits.

Docmortem48d ago

When you get downplayed and harassed on a daily basis and actually know how this feels you tend notice these things more than people that basically never got assaulted in their life. This has nothing to do with "normal" brains. Whatever a "normal" brain is supposed to be.

Docmortem48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It is basically like this: Lets say you put on a shoe that got a little stone in it. If your feet are completely fine you might not notice it or even ignore it. But if your feet are already sore and got blisters you will feel the stone immediatly and your feet will hurt.
Luckyly there is a simple solution, take the show off, remove the stone and put it back on. While still having sore feet. It hurts a little less and does not become worse because of simple little stone that was so easy to remove.

Rachel_Alucard48d ago

You just proved my point. None of these people are harassed or downplayed otherwise they wouldn't need to complain about video games not adhering to their culture. I would understand if they looked at real issues, but they are hitting low hanging fruits at this point and it's been happening far too long. It isn't normal to call everything homophobic, nor is it normal to call everything SJW. Both sides have their own radicals representing the mass of each side who just don't want any of it. You act as if anyone who was assaulted or went through child abuse, notices these things more, when that's not true. That's just people who got brought up being told they're special by everyone in school and life and then throwing a tantrum when things don't go their way.

Docmortem48d ago

Read the article. It is mainly about the depiction of homosexual men. Who ofcourse are rediculously camp. Particularly it is about the beach scene where 2 gay men "prey" on Ryuji and the characters reaction can be described as homophobic. I as a homosexual myself do not really take it personal as the game in general portrays the dark side of people and especially adults. I guess they do not remove the part but alter the reaction of the characters so it is not about all gays are abnormal but more like ... Ryuji not being into men. It is not known however how much they really change. So all those people freaking out about changes to scenes they prolly never even cared about should chill a bit more.

Xaevi48d ago

To react in a sorta grossed out way to a gay man being uncomfortably gay towards a straight male is not homophobic. If anyone would be in the wrong it would be gay men that dont understand that all because they're gay doesn't give them the right to be socially awkward and uncomfortable to be around. That goes to anyone without self control in a public space.

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