Microsoft Says Xbox Live Fixed and Fully Functional writes: "Over the weekend, Microsoft acknowledged the growing complaints of Xbox 360 gamers around the net and confirmed they were hard at work to resolve connection issues that had been plaguing Xbox Live. Well, whatever the problem was, it's apparently been fixed, as the latest update in a very crowded Major Nelson post announces everything should be back to normal.

"I have been informed by e that these issues have been resolved. You should have no further problems," writes Major Nelson in the post. This comes after announcing the problems were solved not once, but twice, only to have some gamers continue to complain about disconnection issues. While all the problems should finally be fixed now, if you're still somehow experiencing problems, your best bet is probably to contact Xbox customer support.

In what was apparently an unrelated issue, Xbox Live was also down for maintenance early this morning in preparation of the launch of the New Xbox Experience this Wednesday. Let's just hope all the gremlins have indeed been shaken out of the system, and the launch will go nice and smoothly."

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EVOLVED3675d ago

netflix and all sorts. download games into the system will be my first move and yes you still have to have the game in the tray to play. whats up with mortal combat going teen. trying to pull in the younger crowd but yet screwing the people who been there all along. F--kers, the bloodier the better.