FromSoftware is the most important studio of the last decade

There is a reason why you can compare literally any TPP game to Dark Souls.

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Spurg1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Without a doubt.
Dark souls was the game of the last generation...the rest of the from soft games that came afterward did not achieve the same the of story and design. Sekiro came close but the story was not as well interwoven and complex as Dark souls

Spurg1560d ago

Care to explain why...better story? Better level design? Better content?

SyntheticForm1559d ago


People like the bizarre, darker, lovecraftian world of Bloodborne - it's interesting and it oozes atmosphere. I really enjoyed it as well, and more than any of the DS games.

Bloodborne is just a special game.

ravinash1559d ago

Demon Souls still hold that special place in my heart.

Spurg1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

"Better story yes"
Not even close. The lore and depth of Dark Souls is unmatched. Dark souls does so much with its story and side quest that it leaves a lasting impression and is the reason why there are 3 games in the series. A small quest from Dark souls has a better story than Bloodborne. Bloodborne starts off intriguing but disappoints in the latter half which is old Yarnham and the nightmare, two of the shortest and most boring sections of the game.
Bloodborne doesn't even have half the lore content that dark souls has to tell a compelling story with a satisfying conclusion.

"the level design is around the same quality"

They are not even close to the same in quality. The intricate and innovative level design from Dark souls has not been emulated in the other games, only attempted but not successful.

"better content"
-Pathetic magic
-Less weapons and items which means less lore
-lesser RPG elements
-Less and inferior Bosses
-No boss weapons or armor which also means less lore
-0 giant boss
-Sidequests are not satisfying

"better atmosphere"
Tombs of the giant, ash lake, Sins fortress are each uniquely different in tone but provide jaw-dropping visual and atmosphere.

Bloodborne has does what it does well but the variety in Dark souls trumps Bloodborne. There are moments on Dark souls that are like bloodborne but there aren't any moments in bloodborne that are like Dark souls.


I 100% disagree. I think Souls is better than Bloodborne.

Spurg1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )


"I’m pretty sure your just being Bias, because it’s a PS4 exclusive lol."
Nah, it's the other way round. Dark souls is universally adored by fromsoft fans. It only Ps4 fans that take Bloodborne to be the holy gospel by Fromsoft.

"I also agree. I love bloodbornes combat also and the level design."

With no context to back this up.

"Facing against another Hunter like lady Maria is just pure art."
Please.....Ornstein and smough was the epitome of the artform and Artorians was the icing on the cake. And facing other NPC was made by prominent by Demon souls and given depth in Dark souls.

"The last boss in bloodborne is easily in my top 5 favorite boss fight of all time.
Bad ass and beautiful at the same time."

Nothing will ever beat fighting Sif after returning from the ending of the DLC.

"Dark souls was dope and all and I did play all of them but man Bloodbornes smooth combat and just the overall look of the game sucked me in."

The combat is the same - some improved animation only.

"I will say Darksouls 3 online is a lot better.
I hope Bloodborne’s online gets better."

This bring me to another point I miss...Bloodborne's online was none existant. Played the game 3 times in a row and only got invaded once. The whole idea just did not fit in Bloodborne and was riding on the wave set by Dark souls.

Dragonscale1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

@Felix, agreed. Tbh the disagree-ers probably never even played BB.

The Wood1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Spurg. Have you played bloodborne or demons souls? I think demons souls opened the path for those types of games on modern consoles. Took me back to the days of super ghouls and ghosts for difficulty. . Vexation

meganick1559d ago

Spurg said Dark Souls is the game of last gen. Bloodborne is current gen. Regardless, Dark Souls is the better game. But Bloodborne is also great.

xTonyMontana1559d ago

@Spurg for me, it just felt more imaginative. The art direction was top class.

Fluttershy771559d ago

Nah, you are just saying that because it is a exclusive. Dark Souls is the one that influenced the most

goldwyncq1559d ago

Bloodborne pre-DLC < Dark Souls

Bloodborne post-DLC > Dark Souls

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1560d ago

Better story yes, the level design is around the same quality, better content, yes, better atmosphere

_Decadent_Descent1559d ago

I wholeheartedly disagree. The story is about the same for either but the level/world design is better in Dark Souls and being that your build variety is much greater and deeper in DS, it's also the one with better content. That said, they're both masterpieces.

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TheOptimist1559d ago

As a person who played Dark Souls wayyyy after Bloodborne, I have to say, I was literally awed at Dark Souls. Dark Souls is definitely the better game. Bloodborne is great in iyts own right.

goldwyncq1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Dark Souls' level design is still the best in the series, though Bloodborne and Sekiro beat it in combat.

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PurpHerbison1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

DeS/DS1/BB are the shining stars. DS1 is probably a safe pick since way more people played it and it rocks but Bloodborne is absolutely no slouch and my personal pick for game of the DECADE. The story/lore is the best, hands down.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Bloodborne subreddit with the lore filter on. Dark Souls 1 cannot match the depth. Both great games though.

Spurg1559d ago

If you knew what you were talking about you'll know that Dark Souls has Bloodborne trumped in the story department. Dark souls has more depth than Bloodborne and that is a straight-up fact.

PurpHerbison1555d ago

Not really something I like to admit but I have spent thousands of hours in both Dark Souls 1(360,PS3,PC,PS4) and Bloodborne over the years. I know what I'm talking about.

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LMosche1559d ago

Bloodborne is superior thanks to Sony's budget. Bandai Namco destroyed the potential of Dark Souls, on top of being limited by being multiplatform. Elder Ring has potential IF it's next gen, which I doubt knowing Japanese coders. So there's nothing worth looking at until Demon Souls Remake or Bloodborne 2.

Spurg1559d ago

"Bloodborne is superior thanks to Sony's budget."

Sony's budget...WOW.....so enlightening

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Edito1559d ago

What are you talking about?

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ShinRon1559d ago

if not number one then top 5 at least... there are alot of great devs tho

Fluttershy771559d ago

It's also the studio that grew the most

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carcarias1559d ago

Stop being so reasonable, factual and fair. How are people going to get angry at each other without hyperbolic article titles such as this one? :)

Unfortunately, although gaming sites like to act superior and look down on fano-boys, they do everything they can to make provocative articles to set people on each other to get clicks and comments.

on_line_forever1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

For me FromSoftware is the great studio of the last decade , Iam very excited right now for Elden Ring and the new Dark souls 4 , demon souls 2 , bloodborne 2 in the future and i wish square enix cooperat with them to make vagrant story remake