I4U: MotorStorm Pacific Rift Review writes: "MotorStorm Pacific Rift is a PS3 exclusive title that won't be offered on other game systems. The original MotorStorm was one of my all-time favorite PS3 titles and one I still play heavily today. The big improvement that MotorStorm Pacific Rift offers over the original is more tracks. The game has 16 different tracks whereas the original only offered eight. MotorStorm Pacific Rift also offers split screen racing with up to four players to go along with its fantastic online racing. The final big addition is a new vehicle class -- the monster truck.

Overall MotorStorm Pacific Rift is a fantastic racing game that takes the same formula that made the original so popular, enhances it, and gives you even more. This is one of the PS3 titles you must own this holiday season."

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Silogon3623d ago

One of the best games released this generation if you ask me. It's simply amazing in most all reguards. Sure it needs more tweaks here and there and being able to create your own avatar and vehicle would be much apreciated. But what we have here is solid gold... just not 14k.

Ashton3623d ago

so freakin fun and well designed.

James Vanderbeek3623d ago

its way worth the look.. I picked it up yesterday and the game is freaking awesome.. Not a big racing fan but this game is so much fun and it looks super good.. i have to say this is the best racing game ever made..

Finally an honest review of this game.. It deserves nothing less than a 9.. I honestly dont know what some reviewers were playing giving this game a 7 or 8.. They must have been basing there reviews off the demo.. because the full game is off the chain..

OGharryjoysticks3623d ago

I bought Pure when it came out and wasn't planning to buy Pacific Rift. I loved the first Motorstorm but never finished it because it was too hard. Over the weekend I got tired of jumping around and doing tricks and decided I would rather race in a race game so I sold Pure and got Pacific Rift. Motorstorm:PR is a real racer :)

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