Japanese Games, Developers, Artists Celebrate Valentine's Day 2020

Here's your fill of Valentines 2020 themed cute girls artwork and illustrations published by various Japanese studios and developers.

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CDbiggen527d ago

Gotta appreciate the effort some of these artists put in for one day. Love that Doomguy one xD.

tochi527d ago

I convinced that Cat is one of the most superbly designed anime characters in recent memory, and Shunsuke Saito has been one of the best illustrators out there. Future of SIE Japan Studio is bright.

Teflon02527d ago

Really hope we can get a next gravity rush to start the next gen. One of my fav series of the past 10 years

PhoenixUp527d ago

So many images from so many artists

AK91527d ago

Kat is so adorable, gah makes me wish we'd get a Gravity Rush 3.

527d ago