Videogamer: Halo Wars Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "As is often the case at large press events, our recent brush with Halo Wars took place in a room where the number of journalists eclipsed the number of test consoles by a ratio of about three to one. In this situation, you simply have to hang around and watch someone else play until they're done, at which point you hopefully get to sit down and try the game yourself.

So, on a wet and windy evening last week we found ourselves at the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich. After a quick presentation from Ensemble studios, we joined the scramble to grab a controller. As predicted, we failed to reach a free console in time - so instead we perched behind a friendly-looking guy in a smart shirt. Did he mind if we watched? "Not at all," he replied. "But you're going to watch me being crap.'"

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