UK Charts: PS4 exclusives Yakuza and Dreams crack Top Ten

A collection of remastered Yakuza games was the biggest new physical release in the UK last week. Sega's PS4 exclusive debuted at No.3, behind the usual boxed chart toppers Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (No.2) and FIFA 20 (No.1).

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Nyxus50d ago

Good to see Yakuza doing well!

Chaos_Order50d ago

Seeing them behind FIFA 20 genuinely disappoints me.

gravedigger50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

It's FIFA in UK, you know. Especially FIFA sales will rise in next months because UK players wanna play Champions League with Man.City. At least on PS4 and Xbone:D

Anyway, Dreams with zero marketing and this is a retail charts only ( digital charts will be provided at the end of the month ), it did good, especially Yakuza. Man, i'm glad that Kiryu got some recognition.:D

Chaos_Order50d ago

It's the fact FIFA 20 was released nearly 5 months ago and Yakuza + Dreams still can't overtake it on their opening week. I live in the UK and wish my country provided a better example. :/

TheColbertinator50d ago

Man City will be in Champions this season. Fighting for relegation in the next season.

gravedigger50d ago

Well, boycott FIFA then. :D

Echo_50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Fifa is exactly where it belongs. It's a mainstream game. Football or "Soccer" is a massive deal in UK. The mass gaming population would pick FIFA over Dreams or Yakuza, at least in the UK.

S2Killinit50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Fifa is a good game. Its Fifa.

outsider162449d ago

If someone makes a football game in that would be awesome. Come on awesome creators,...Do It!! I'd pay for it too.

49d ago
Imalwaysright49d ago

Fifa is a behemoth in Europe so I wouldn't read much into it and Dreams is the type of game that can keep selling for a long time due to word of mouth wich I hope it happens because MM deserves it.

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gravedigger50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Dreams came out at the end of week, so, maybe that is the reason why is at 8th place. One thing to keep in mind is that Dreams has been on sale for a year via Early Access

elazz50d ago

Got a digital copy myself on Friday. Didn't have the early access. Usually I buy a physical copy for non sale ps exclusives buf this one I felt differently towards. Wanted to have it tied to my account just in case they provide a commercial license later in the year

rainslacker49d ago

While I much prefer physical games, something like this I am getting digital. It'll just be easier to pop in and do some stuff when I want.

IamTylerDurden149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I agree. I typically prefer physical but i grabbed this digital in Early Access because it's the type of game that u want on your system all times. I expect Dreams to sell at least 2 to 1 digital and i know it won't do huge opening week numbers but rather sell consistently over time.

Dreams had virtually no marketing, but the game will market itself as more and more outstanding creations are made and shared on social media. Mm will continue to support the game with content and tool sets as well as VR and online mp updates. PS5 will definitely give it a boost as well.

I know trolls will scoff at the pedestrian numbers it achieves early on, but this game WILL have legs. It will also win a share of GotY awards and receive huge praise on the awards circuit as it is imo the most innovative and perhaps the most important game this gen. It's a 93 Opencritic, 91 Metacritic. I've played it since the closed beta. Dreams is a truly great game that will just continue to grow.

RosweeSon49d ago

That and fifa is consistently on a massive discount saw it for barely £20 on switch last night. I’m from U.K I like Fifa but refused to buy it this year or last year I’ll just get it when next year comes out if at all, happy to be a year behind when it’s costs me £5-10 instead of £40-80 per year

Sono42149d ago

Dreams Early Access actually launched in April, so not quite a year.

gravedigger48d ago

Wow, dude. 2 months difference. I'm shocked.

What's the correct launch date of Early Access?

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phoenixwing50d ago

I like the idea of the developers that they wanted every console from sony from now on to come with dreams. I think that's the best fit for the game personally.

Vandamme2150d ago

They need to bring yakuza Kenzan and ishin to the west also

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