Catherine: Full Body rated for Switch

If a new rating is anything to go by, Atlus could be bringing Catherine: Full Body to Switch.

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TheColbertinator45d ago

Aeesone game so I hope this is true

Terry_B45d ago

Finally a great reason to buy a Nintendo Switch

rob-GP45d ago

Had it been exclusive then fair enough. However, it’s been on PS4 since last September - so why is it now a reason to buy a Switch?

Fritzwochel45d ago

Nintendo doesn't force 3rd party devs to censor their games, so u mite see a nipple or two. Sony's gone full built-in parental control.

rob-GP45d ago

@Fritz - take off your tin foil hat. The PS4 version had no censorship in it, at all. You lot always come out of the woodworks and presume everything on the PS4 has been changed...

Shiken45d ago

Don't mind him, there has been plenty of reasons to buy a Switch since day one. He is just hating.

Sgt_Slaughter45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

If you haven't found a great reason to buy a Switch yet, I don't think you were ever going to be interested in one to begin with. It sold 55M+ units for a reason, and the games were a huge part of that.

ChrisW44d ago

The only reason why you'd need to buy a Switch is because you're not some hardcore teenaged snot nosed fanboy.

Thus, you're comment sucks and you were never planning to buy a Switch in the first place! Piss off!

ZeekQuattro45d ago

X Com 2 collection was also rated for the Switch.

TheGamez10045d ago

Well damn. Thanks atlus. It was a shame the vita version got cancelled for the west, this will fulfill that for me.

AK9144d ago

Excellent now we just need Persona 5 on there too.