The Witcher’s Impact Across Entertainment

Sartori writes: "Before December 2019, The Witcher was not well known in the U.S. outside of avid fantasy book readers and video gamers. Now, it’s probably harder to find someone in your social circle who hasn’t heard of it. The Witcher, once a more niche IP, has become widely known due to a very successful first season of its new Netflix series, catapulting it to a new level of awareness and creating tremendous value across the entertainment spectrum."

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masterfox221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

The Witcher 3 is such a stunning game CDPR set the bar to damn high , really not sure if Cyberpunk will reach the epicness the Witcher 3 is, currently got my self the PC version of the Witcher 3 and oh man this looks so damn nice, re-playing all over again, and yes the series also has some fault of why I'm playing the game again, but god dammit I think the could do a lot better with the representation of Yen and Triss in the show, in the game these two girls are absolutely gorgeous!

KyRo221d ago

I done the bloody baron quest and got to a big city that I needed a boat from and realised this game just really isn't all that and gave up after my 3rd attempt of trying the game over.

The voice acting was pretty bad at times from Geralt and Ciri who are the main characters... The animations were stiff, the run on Geralt alone is enough to see that, the controls were janky and backwards to Morden control layouts, the open world was filled with nothingness making it uninteresting to explore.

Yes, the writing and story telling were really well done but the gameplay was average at best for me.

221d ago
KyRo221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Go and check my trophies if I didn't play it as it's affecting you so much. It was a boring open world to explore. Yaaaay more trees, bridges and the odd cave to pick up meaningless loot to sell /s.

The big town I went to to get a boat was amazing to see but outside of that from what I played was bland. CDPR looks to have addressed this with CP2077 though. It looks much more fleshed out and I can't wait to explore it.

Michiel1989220d ago

the look of the world itself is amazing, but I found the open world activities (bandit camps, monster nests etc) to be bland as well. besides the quests and contracts I found the open world activities to be boring as well. I still love how the world looks, but those ubisoft formula markers on the map didnt really make me enjoy the open world, they felt more like chores to do. I would have liked it much better if there were no icons on the map and you just stumbled upon a few of them each playthrough, now it felt like a collectathon.

The combat also wasnt that engaging to me, little room for creativity, It was fun for a couple of hours, but it got stale fast. Especiallly on death march it just becomes a roll + quen spam fest. But the rest of the game visuals/music/story/living world etc made up for that by a long shot. It's still one of my favorite games of all time, but im not so delusional as to think the open world was the reason for that

Ausbo220d ago

“open world was filled with nothingness making it uninteresting to explore”

Sir, I think you were playing Zelda breath of the wild

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ssmilloy36220d ago

idk. i bought, and never played the expansion. because i got my money's worth in the main game. one hand washing the other

frostypants220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

You quit before you started finding the more interesting secondary quests. Novigrad is where you'd start coming across those (there is literally hours of Novigrad content before you actually need to find that boat ride). Yeah, the point-of-interest stuff in the world is boring, but only exist for supplemental money/gear/xp. You aren't really supposed to focus too much on those...better just to hit them if you happen to be passing by.

dragonopt1220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I kinda of agree with you, I thought The Witcher 2 was better but that's just me. I've never really been an open world type of gamer though, just depends what you like. To me I thought the opening act was better in Assassin of Kings and pulled me in more, the music was amazing and 3 didn’t have you in the middle two major battles. One being in the La Vallete and the other against Deathmold. Both were pretty awesome! Again I liked and enjoyed 3 I just liked 2 more overall for the main story.

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Michiel1989220d ago

except the show represents them more like the book, which is the correct representation. because you think they dont look as gorgeous (which I highly disagree with) doesnt mean they arent represented well, it means you just like redheads more ;)
You're confusing your beauty standards with representation, which is something completely different.

KyRo220d ago

People are mass disagreeing with me that's fine. I just don't get the hype with it. It's not as if I played 10 minutes. I've given it a try three times and came back not really enjoying it. I did love the TV show though.

220d ago
frostypants220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Don't know why people are disagreeing with you. The Yen in the show is WAY more like the book version than the Yen in TW3, and actually gives you some reason to root for her. Yen in the game seems like they copy-pasta'd Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2/3, not just in terms of look but also attitude.

I LOVE The Witcher 3 as a whole but Yen's presentation is garbage in that game.

frostypants220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Yen and Triss are the worst part of the game IMO. The game clearly wants you to pair up with Yen but she is presented as such an unlikable person. They made Triss likable but then she just sorta disappears for most of the game. The whole Yen-Triss aspect of TW3 is clumsy. There's even a scene you can get to where Yen asks you if you love can say no, but you'd be saying no to an all-powerful sorceress whilst sitting at the edge of a 5000ft mountain. No person would realistically be dumb enough to say "no". If you say yes the game doesn't give you another opportunity to tell the crazy lady to back off. Just bad role playing.

carcarias220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Yeah, given the popularity of the games and that (imho) it was nice to have a strong visual contrast between Yen and Triss, I was disappointed that they stuck to the book versions in this instance. Once you play over 500+ hours over 3 Witcher games with redhead Triss, you just can't go back ;)

yoshatabi220d ago

Same I got it on PC and modded it. It looks so damn amazing

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winter_hill221d ago

It's amazing to see this game still doing so well 5 years on. Not really surprised considering it's a masterpiece. I really wish they'd remaster the first Witcher game for consoles. I suppose it will always remain a PC exclusive. It was going to come out last gen on PS3/X360 but got cancelled. Shame.

SyntheticForm221d ago

That's awesome, and CDPR are completely deserving of the success they've achieved. The Witcher 3 is probably my favorite game of the entire gen, still.

TW3 and GOW are tied and I really can't decide.

--Onilink--220d ago

Compared to the same month on the previous year.

The article is quite misleading though. I saw on a more detailed article that the actual increase compared to the same platforms it was already on was 64%. The rest was because of the Switch version

AK91221d ago

Isn’t this old news?

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