"I Wish People Were More Curious About What It Takes to Make a Game" — Interview With Austin Wintory

OnlySP recently had the chance to sit down with Austin Wintory, who is responsible for the soundtracks of games such as Journey.

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Xaevi429d ago

Except we are curious, you lot just usually keep us in the dark. I'd love to see more in-depth dev diaries on the disc as an unlock for beating the games. The podcasts Sony is doing for GOW should also be done for more games by devs and other publishers.

traumadisaster429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

I want to know less; devs lives, crunch time, administrative shit I get at work, their complaints, cost, I don’t want to know anything.

Same when I go to resort...I don’t want to hear the bartenders troubles, give me a drink and a smile and shut da feck up.

Dragonscale429d ago

He means the actual process of game development not the bullcrap served by publishers.